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Brighten a dusky corner with this glorious tabletop arrangement of candles, holly, and roses. The arrangement will last for weeks if you water it daily.

Cost: $25

Time: One hour

Skill Level: Beginner

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What You Need:

  • Floral foam
  • Knife
  • Shallow container
  • 3 candles
  • Green and variegated holly
  • Fresh or freeze-dried roses


1. Cut a block of floral foam into a rectangular shape of the size you desire. Slice off the top four corners with a knife so they are slanted. (See illustration.)

2. Soak the foam, then place it in a shallow container to hold the water.

3. Stick candles in at top (floral candleholders will make candles more secure, but they are not necessary if you buy sturdy foam.)

4. Stick green and variegated holly into the foam, with holly trailing out at edges, longer at top and bottom of the arrangement. (Wear gloves to avoid getting pricked by the holly.)

5. Stick the stems of freeze-dried roses into the centerpiece. You can purchase freeze-dried roses at a florist.

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