Guest Rooms That Keep Everyone Happy

Be the host with the most by creating functional, welcoming guest spaces. They will keep you and your guests happy.
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A guest room with a desk
and access to a computer
lets guests catch up on
paper work.

Hosting overnight guests, and making them feel welcome, can be simple when you have a well-appointed guestroom. It's often difficult to dedicate an entire room for guests when it might be used sporadically.

To maximize the day-to-day function of your home, create a combination guest room and home office suite. And, if you have an empty corner, tuck in your favorite piece of exercise equipment. That way you'll use the room every day, year-round.

Here are some keys to a good guestroom:

  • Include a good bed.
    A pullout sleeper sofa or a futon can't compete with a full-size mattress. Whatever type of bed you choose, make sure the mattress is firm and that it's comfortable -- sleep on it yourself for a night or two.
  • Allow space for unpacking.
    Some guests prefer to live out of a suitcase. Some like to unpack. Prepare for both with an empty chest of drawers, hangers in the closet, and a luggage rack. Leave enough room on bedside tables for personal items such as jewelry or books.
  • Consider small appliances.
    An alarm clock for the nightstand prevents guests from having to rely on the host. It's also nice to include a portable fan, telephone and TV, if you have extras.
  • Stock up on samples.
    Think like an innkeeper and purchase inexpensive travel size toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion, disposable razor, and hair spray. Tuck them in a basket by the sink.
  • Give them privacy.
    A common mistake for many hosts is to think you need to spend every moment of the visit with your guest. Be the first to suggest some private time by saying you're going to take a nap or read for a bit; then arrange a time to meet.

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