Gracious Guest Rooms

Give your guests a visit to remember by making your spare rooms warm and inviting.
Majestic Canopy

Give a plain twin bed majesty and drama by topping it with this simple sheer canopy.

Cost: About $60

Time: An hour

Skill: Beginner

To fashion the canopy, you'll need approximately 7 yards of fabric. (For a different size bed, estimate the yardage needed by measuring the width of the bed and tripling the measurement. The fabric should be long enough to gracefully drape across the bed and to the floor on either side.) Hem the raw edges with a needle and thread; or use fabric tape or glue for a no-sew option. Attach two 2-foot-long wood dowels to the wall with L-brackets. Then hide the brackets with large tassels slung over the dowels. Drape the fabric over the dowels, letting it fall in front of the dowel ends to hide them. Or, finish off the dowels with round wood finials screwed into the ends.

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