Four Pretty Pavings

Your driveway is part of your home's first impression. We have eye-catching ideas to warm up your driveway's curb appeal.
Colorful Brick

Just switching to a different paving material may be enough to work a magical transformation.

Pretty as a patio, the combined driveway/entry walk at this Coronado, California, home features bricks laid in a diagonal herringbone pattern and set on a sand base. Mortared bricks around the edges lock everything in place. "When our landscape design firm came up with the idea of bricks in sand, we were skeptical, thinking it wouldn't hold up," the owners told us. "But it's not only held up beautifully, it offers a more informal look than a brick-in-mortar design would have."

Multi-hued brick paving complements the home's Cape Cod styling. The owners like the effect of brick edges that will soften in time for a used, aged look.

Other fringe benefits: You can shave costs by laying most of the driveway yourself, and there are no unseemly cracks or expansion joints.

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