For Your Car

Auto Mat Holders

Attach hook-and-loop fasteners (such as Velcro) on the corners of your car mats. This will keep them from sliding but sill allow them to be removed for cleaning.

Ida Pasqueria California

Sparkling Hubcaps

Hubcaps and wheels are usually hard to clean thoroughly due to the lug nuts, spokes, and other details. Toe ease cleaning, purchase a foam paintbrush. Soak it with cleaning solution and you'll effortlessly reach all those hard-to-reach spots.

Christal Snow Indiana

Improvise a Visor Clamp

Snap a clothespin or two on your car's visor. It's great for holding toll tickets, parking stubs, maps, coupons and shopping lists.

R. Fitzgerald Indiana

Easy Car Cleaner

Use an old plastic fertilizer container -- the kind that attaches to the end of your garden hose -- to wash the car. Thoroughly clean the container. Then pour the liquid car soap into it. As you hose the car, you'll automatically apply the soap. Now you can wash the car with a hose in one hand and a sponge in the other, rather than bending down constantly to soak the sponge in a soapy bucket.

Vincent Corsello New Jersey

Nuts and Bolts Catcher

When you work under your car's hood, spread an old white sheet on the ground beneath to make dropped parts, nuts, or bolts easy to find.

Rod MacDonald Missouri

Leaf Your Car to Dry

Use your electric leaf blower to dry your car after you've washed it. The blower is faster than towels, won't scratch the car's finish, and removes the water that's trapped under the car's trim.

W.C. Roeder Wisconsin

Use a Shade Under a Car

Always keep a plastic roll-up window shade in the trunk of your car. If you ever need to check under the car or repair a flat tire, simply roll out the shade -- it will help protect your clothing.

Lois Wallace Ohio

Drive on Roof Shingles

Carry extra asphalt roof shingles in your car's trunk during the winter in case your wheels get stuck in the snow or ice. Simply place the shingles in front of the tires for traction.

Renee Daly Kentucky

A Reflection on You

Travel with a roll of reflector tape in your car. If you need to change a tire at night, place the tape on yourself and the car for added safety.

Jim Janidlo Pennsylvania