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Fireplace Designs: Ideas for Your Stone Fireplace

From custom floor-to-ceiling designs to prefabricated limestone hearths, find a stone fireplace to fit your exact style and space.


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    • Cobblestone Fireplace Frame

      Stone fireplaces can enhance any home's style. If you appreciate the old-world character of cobblestone, there's no need to keep it outside and underfoot. Using the stones to frame your fireplace draws the eye to the texture when matched against sophisticated, traditional decor.

    • Multifunctional Fireplace

      For a nostalgic touch and increased function, consider a fireplace with a lifted foundation. Storage underneath makes chilly trips to the woodpile a thing of the past, and a fireplace crane gives a great place to cook up a meal over the open flame.

    • Stunning Slate Hearth

      When it comes to high ceilings, go high-impact. Extending stone from the first floor into the rafters draws attention the room's to strong architectural features.

    • Stone Veneer Fireplace

      Dress up a drab hearth with stone veneers. The manufactured product adds the warmth of stone to a room, but at half the price. Firebox brick liners also give an authentic appearance without the hassle and high cost of laying bricks.

    • Cozy Country Fireplace

      With its charming blend of form and function, this fireplace complements the home's cozy country ambience. Converting the standard style into a two-sided fireplace during the remodel spreads the warmth and opens up the space.

    • Arched Hearth

      If you long for the look of an arched fireplace but fret over the cost, it's easy to work around it. Simply arch stonework around your existing square firebox and cover any revealing metal under the curve with matching stone.

    • Bold Fireplace

      Daring stone fireplace designs can help break up bland white walls. If you plan on building up, consider building out into the room for a strong impact and an older look.

    • Salvaged-Wood Mantel

      Give your new fireplace a kick of green and some historical character by using salvaged materials. Reclaimed wood makes for a perfect mantel atop aged stone, and an antique hearth railing crowns the look.

    • Firebox Cover

      Trap out drafty air and cleverly disguise your firebox in warmer months with a cover. This one, constructed from acid-washed copper, brings out the warm tones in the surrounding stone and adds to the room's rustic decor.

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      High-Drama Hearth

      A fireplace stretching to the ceiling is eye-catching, but stone contrasting with walls adds drama, especially against rich wood paneling. Create unity between the two materials by incorporating them into one another. Staining or painting the mantle a color to blend with the walls is an easy option.

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      Country Fireplace Surround

      Granite blocks arranged in dry-stack style creates this rustic fireplace surround.

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      Lodge-Style Hearth

      This stone hearth evokes the snug comfort and relaxed ways of a vacation hideaway. The rough-cut fireplace surfaces complement the lodge-style home.

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      Prominent Display Mantel

      Made from stacked limestone, this fireplace serves as a focal point for the room. The hefty mantel is a good counterpoint to the heavy stone surround and provides ample display space for an array of items.

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      Floor-to-Ceiling Stone Fireplace

      Cultured river rock runs top to bottom, accenting the height of the vaulted ceiling. If you plan to extend the stone fireplace facade clear to the ceiling, as shown, consider using cultured stone; this man-made material is much lighter in weight and easier to install than natural stone.

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      Stand-Alone Fireplace Design

      Made from cultured stone, this floor-to-ceiling fireplace looks real but can be installed without reinforcing floor joists. The stone arrangement is visually interesting and needs little additional adornment.

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      Entry Fireplace

      This direct-vent fireplace and its surrounding view greet guests when they come through the home's front door. The unusual combination of windows and stone make this a memorable design statement.

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      Contemporary Fireplace

      Concrete stones and glass windowpanes combine to create a stunning backdrop for this contemporary wood-burning fireplace. The exposed steel chimney pipe adds an industrial look.

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      Great-Room Fireplace

      This great-room fireplace surround is made of limestone also found on the front of the home. The generous scale of the entire hearth complements the size of the room.

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      Kitchen Fireplace

      Angling in the kitchen island keeps the tall, stone-surrounded fireplace in view. The artwork above the mantel adds a simple, powerful touch.

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      Formal Limestone Facade

      This exquisitely carved limestone facade is clearly classic, fitting well in a formal living room.

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      Rustic Fireplace

      Rough-hewn limestone covers the fireplace surround, overmantel, and hearth in this casual gathering area. A thick, solid wood mantel punctuates the rustic facade without detracting from it.

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      Simple Hearth

      This simple fireplace perfectly complements the architecture of this great-room. A single oil painting adorns the mantelshelf, and extending the neutral-color shelf from wall to wall marks the width.

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      Classic-Style Fireplace

      This updated wood-burning unit received a new gas insert and a custom-carved limestone surround with an integrated mantel and hearth. A hinged glass door provides easy access to the flames.

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      Small and Modern Hearth

      It may look like classic masonry, but Fido's lounge is a 4-foot-wide manufactured hearth set into a cultured stone wall. The fire isn't old-fashioned, either: It's fueled by gas logs, purchased separately and vented up a chimney.

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      Clean-Lined Firebox

      The blonde firebrick that lines this firebox is lighter, smoother, and neater than brick used to face a fireplace or chimney. Modern building codes demand firebrick for one simple reason: It withstands heat.

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      Heat-Releasing Soapstone Surround

      A thick layer of soapstone wraps this Scandinavian-style hearth. The stone soaks up the fire's heat and then slowly releases it, warming a room many hours after the flames have died. Rough and rustic here, soapstone can also be smoothed for a softer, sleeker look.

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      Southwest Fireplace Style

      A fresh take on Pueblo style, this massive stone fireplace with a raised hearth and a granite slip reflects the colors and textures of the desert.

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      Massive Granite Mantel

      This 6,000-pound Stonehenge-style mantel came from a mass of 500 tons of reclaimed granite. A cement foundation was built under the mantel to support the weight; steel ties anchor the granite to a cement wall behind it.

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      White Fireplace

      The bright white stone and blue accents of this fireplace emit a cool tone while also bringing warmth and comfort to the modern space.

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      Inside-Outside Fireplace

      This dry-stacked limestone fireplace extends from the living room to the deck beyond the glass.

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      Fireplace with Custom Millwork

      This gas fireplace with custom millwork gives the look of natural-stone masonry.

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