Fireplace Designs that Sparkle

Fireplaces are a natural focal point in any room. Add interest and warmth to your home with these fireplace facelifts.

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stone fireplace
Stone Faced

    Fireplaces are a great way to bring nature into the home. A river-rock surround adds texture to the living room. To create this surround, pick rocks of a similar size and shape, stack them, and fill in the spaces with mortar. For a variation of this design, choose rocks of various sizes.

Open and Shut

    Add modern flair to a traditional brick fireplace by adding a glass door to the firebox. The new door increases the safety and cleanliness of the fireplace. The glass protects hands from touching the fire and dust from collecting inside the firebox.

New Attitude

    Give your home a new look without all the mess by resurfacing an existing fireplace. To create this tile surround the homeowner covered the original brick fireplace with a layer of mortar. Once the surface was smooth, the brick-shaped tiles were installed. Decorative tiles are strategically placed throughout to break up the expanse of plain tiles.

Withstand the Heat

    China lotus slate adds a modern touch to this 1940s barbecue turned in-kitchen fireplace. The edges were rounded to increase safety. A nice bonus of kitchen fireplaces is that they can serve double duty as second ovens.

Budget Saver

    Ceramic tiles are a good choice for fireplace surrounds because they are heat-resistant, available in a variety of colors, and budget-friendly. For this surround design the ceramic tiles are stacked and a few tiles are installed diagonally to create a unique design.

Natural Gas

    Get the look of a traditional fireplace without the heating bill. Direct-vent gas inserts warm the home more evenly and are more energy-efficient than traditional wood burning fireboxes. This surround features tiles arranged in a diagonal pattern that complements the wall color and wood floor. The wood mantel with carved designs draws attention to the area. The new mantel, paired with built-in bookshelves on either side, adds extra storage space.

Minimalist Approach

    A sleek concrete inset creates a clean and simple fireplace surround that blends into the room. This design takes up less floor space than a traditional fireplace, therefore the homeowners have plenty of room for traffic while entertaining.

Large and In Charge

    Fireplaces create a natural focal point for a room, so use this to your advantage and turn the space into a work of art. The homeowners enlarged the natural surround by creating a drywall frame. Large limestone and slate tiles were arranged over the original brick and drywall sublayer. The mantel tops the 6-foot high fireplace surround and provides ample display space.

Throw a Curve

    This fireplace is anything but square. An arched surround adds an unexpected touch to the classic fireplace. The surround and mantel are hand-carved from Texas limestone. To add extra flair to the fireplace the inside was re-bricked in a herringbone design.

Center of Attention

    A wood surround composed of fluted pilasters, dentil trim, and a deep crown highlight the whitewashed brick fireplace. Recessed bookshelves flank the fireplace and provide lots of storage and display space.

Top Design

    A limestone and painted-wood fireplace adds a simple, yet modern touch to this suburban Chicago home. The mantel bows out from the wall and a series of faux support brackets with copper plumbing caps provide architectural interest.

Touch Up

    Spice up a classic brick fireplace with a coat of paint and a new hearthstone. For this fireplace the homeowners recycled slate to create a new hearthstone. This simple touch up gives the area a whole new look.

Perfect Match

    With a fireplace in the bedroom, you'll never want to get out of bed on a chilly morning. This fireplace surround is built from large limestone tiles that match the bathtub surround. These two features create continuity throughout the master suite.

Trick the Eye

    Don't let the lack of a chimney stop you from getting the fireplace you always wanted. Create a faux fireplace from simple molding and tile. The designer used high-density polyurethane to create the two pillars and mantel. Once the surround was glued into place (using glue specific to the material), iridescent glass tiles were installed to create the firebox. Brick or stone can be used for similar applications.

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