Fireplace Mantels

Fireplaces mantels command attention in just about any room. We'll teach you how decorate a mantel and turn your fireplace into a stylish focal point. Our favorite tips and tricks will help you create the perfect fireplace mantel designs. Browse through photos of creative mantel display ideas to gather the inspiration and ideas you need to fill your mantel with style and personality. You will find inspiration for stone fireplace mantels or wooden fireplace mantels from photos of our favorite spaces. Check out our hearth style guide and learn how easy it can be to give a tired, old fireplace new life with a trendy and beautiful mantel display. Learn how to arrange accessories on your mantel and how to dress it up for seasons and holidays. A mantel can be more than just a shelf: learn about fireplace mantel surrounds and how they can make a style statement in your home. Whether you're in the market for a complete fireplace makeover or a simple style update, our ideas are sure to teach you how to do that with little more than an updated mantel display.


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