Easy Holiday Style

Easy Holiday Style

Make holiday decorating a snap withthese simple and elegant arrangements.

Keepsake Basket

Cost: Less than $10

Time: An afternoon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Fashion a keepsake basket out of antique greeting cards or favorite cards you'vesaved over the years. Cut a piece of cardboard to form the basket's bottom. Trimgreeting cards to uniform sizes and so they fit the perimeter of the cardboard bottom.Arch the tops of the cards to form the scalloped edge. Use a 1/4-inch paper punch to makestitching holes along all edges of the cards and the cardboard bottom. With embroiderythread, pearl cotton, or yarn, use a large-eyed needle to blanket-stitch (see illustration) the cards to each other and to the bottom; finish by blanket-stitchingthe scalloped edge. Fill the basket with shiny ball ornaments and greens.

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