PVC Pipe Frame

Make a frame worthy of your funkiest artwork. Check out this step-by-step how-to from TV host Michele Beschen.

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Get Framed
Get Framed

    TV host Michele Beschen's pretty (and budget-savvy) PVC pipe project is an easy, three-step DIY for the ShopGirl in all of us. Here's how to craft this fantastic frame.

Make the Cut

    Using a miter saw, cut the PVC into 1-1/2- to 3-inch pieces. Varying the diameters of the PVC you use makes for a much cuter end result.

Precise Placement

    Working on a drop cloth, lay out the pieces around a template frame made of 2x4s. This ensures that the PVC frame will be straight and true.

Get the Glue

    Wherever the PVC pieces touch, apply an odorless PVC adhesive that cleans up with water.


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