Make-It-Yourself Artwork

A canvas and paint are all you need to make this modern art for pennies.
The Project
artwork overall

Need some artwork for your walls? Let us show you three simple steps to stunning art pieces you can make yourself.

See our easy project instructions below.

You'll Need

  • Stretched art canvas
  • Acrylic paint in three colors
  • Paint roller
  • Bucket and foam cup
  • Polyurethane

Step 1

painting blank canvas

Pick your paint colors. For a subtle look, choose a deep color for the background and two slightly more vibrant colors for the circles. Use a small paint roller to coat the canvas, including the sides. Add a second coat if needed. Let dry.

Step 2

rimming bucket with paint

Rim the edge of the bucket with paint. Turn the bucket over and press the rim on the canvas. Don't worry about drips as they add to the effect. Recoat the bucket and continue making circles.

Step 3

adding red circle

Use a foam cup and another color to add smaller circles. Let dry. Seal with polyurethane.

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