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DIY Decorating: One Look, Two Rooms

Follow these simple ideas to re-create your living room and bedroom.


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    • Fresh Living Room

      This living room in a pink-and-green color scheme is kept subtle thanks to the monochromatic walls and sparing use of color. To dress up the room, ready-to-assemble cabinets were raised up; custom doors were added and topped with a bridge to make them look like a built-in masterpiece.

    • Almost Custom Bookcase

      Paint the bookcase the same color as the trim to help trick the eye into believing they are built-in units.

    • Door Duty

      To create out-of-sight storage, doors were added to the bottom shelves of the cabinets. Made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), the doors are installed with concealed hinges.

    • Custom Cabinets

      Punch up open-front bookshelves by lining the back with wallpaper. To avoid permanent application, cut foam-core board to fit the shelf back and apply the paper to that. The shelves keep the board in place.

    • Custom Button Curtains

      Add dressmaker's details such as covered button and ribbon trim to store-bought curtains to give them a custom, pricey look. Don't sew? Attach ribbon using fusible web and an iron.

    • Instant Art

      Frame scrapbooking paper, available in an array of trendy colors and funky patterns, for easy and inexpensive artwork that perfectly suits your room's color scheme.

    • Hidden Storage

      In addition to storage space, the new top shelf and molding provide a recessed spot to hide the curtain rod.

    • Same Look in the Bedroom

      Using elements from the living room, the bedroom has the same fresh color scheme. But to kick it up a notch, a bold pink paint was added below the chair rail along with a heavier dose of colorful accents.

    • Double Life

      The coffee table from the living room becomes an end-of-bed bench topped with chair cushions and storage baskets in the middle.

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      Ribbon Shade

      Using fabric scraps from your room, this shade gets an instant makeover. Here is how to do it:

      1. Lay out your fabrics leaving varying widths.

      2. Hot glue the pieces into place.

      3. Cover the fabric's edges with ribbon.

      4. Finish the shade by gluing a ribbon trim around the top and bottom of the shade.

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      Throw Pillow Transfer

      The throw pillows from the living room work perfectly on the soft green bedding.

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      Family Gallery

      The scrapbook paper art gets a face-lift with family photos glued over the papers.

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      Canopy Cornice

      This cornice was created out of MDF to match the molding and the cabinets in the room.

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