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2 Room Makeover in Just 2 Days

If you've got a weekend, a few willing friends, and a bit of gumption, you can transform two rooms. But keep moving -- the clock is ticking.


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    • Before: Boring and Blah

      Cold and gray, this uninspired living room wasn't remotely inviting.

    • After: A Warm & Cozy Space

      Now, a rich terra-cotta hue drenches the walls and slipper chairs with warmth, while a dose of white accessories and furnishings keeps the space fresh.

    • Step 1: The Walls

      After clearing out the furniture, the team started by wallpapering a modern damask pattern on one wall, and painted the other walls in a warm terra-cotta hue.

    • Step 2: Furniture Makeover

      The chairs were given a punch of personality with a coral-inspired print. Simple upholstery techniques made this makeover super easy.

    • Retro Chic

      Without spending big bucks, the chairs give the room a fresh modern feel with a nod to the past.

    • Step 3: Move In the Furniture

      After the walls were dry, it was time to bring in some new furniture to add life to this space. The bold zebra-print rug added drama to the new space.

    • After: New Life

      To breathe life into this once dull space, we used vibrant color, bold patterns, and contemporary accessories such as artwork, a DIY lamp, and a bold zebra-print rug.

    • Savvy Storage

      This family room is packed with storage, including a coffee table that features slots perfect for stashing magazines and books.

    • Even More Storage

      A row of storage-packed cabinets keeps this room neat and tidy. These low-profile consoles sport modern style and tuck neatly underneath the windows to mimic a window bench. Plus, they keep toys low where kids can reach -- and put them away.

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      Before: Dismal Dining

      Drab and neglected, this dining room was anything but inviting. Eager to entertain, the homeowners set out to boost visual appeal here as well. They used boldly-patterned wallpaper to make a style statement and define the color scheme.

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      After: Chic Dining

      The first big decision was whether to paint the circa-1970 dining table and chairs. The garage-sale finds had great lines, but the finish was worn and dull. Oil-base white paint was a quick, affordable fix. An inexpensive sideboard and shelving bring the room to life.

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      Step 1: Prep the Chairs

      Before the chairs received a new coat of paint, they were quickly sanded to prepare the surface.

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      Step 2: Fresh Paint

      A fresh coat of paint took these chairs from drab to fab.

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      Step 3: Recover the Cushions

      What You Need: Screwdriver or drill, fabric, fabrics pencil, scissors, staple gun, and staples

      1. Remove existing seats using a screwdriver. Remove the original fabric, leaving the foam in place. If the fabric is clean and intact, you can cover right over it.
      2. Lay new fabric facedown. If you removed the original fabric, use it as a pattern to trace onto the new fabric. If you didn't remove the fabric, use the seat as a pattern. As you trace the seat, allow enough extra fabric all around to fold to the bottom of the seat.
      3. Cut fabric and place right side down. Place seat with right side down on top of the fabric.
      4. Pull fabric around to the bottom of the seat, starting at the center of one side and securing with a staple. Repeat at the center of the opposite side, pulling fabric taut but not stretching it too much. Repeat on the last two sides, trimming the fabric at the corners. Then peek at the front to make sure the fabric looks appropriate, especially if your fabric has a pattern to center on the seat.
      5. Continue stapling on the seat back at 1-inch intervals, and then replace the seat on the chair.

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      Brand New Chairs

      With a few simple steps these chairs were given a new life!

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      Step 4: A Dash of Wallpaper

      This bold, modern wallpaper adds a dash of color to the dining room along with a little retro flair.

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      Step 5: Add Chair Rail

      Add architecture by capping trellis-style wallpaper with wood molding. Look for pre-primed molding to save time and attach it using a nail gun. If power tools aren't your thing, ask about appropriate adhesives.

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      Step 6: Dress the Windows

      To add texture to the space, woven roman shades were added to the window bank in the dining room.

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      Storage Savvy

      This modern version of a china hutch is a prime place to store dishes but also adds a pop of orange to tie in the tones from the adjacent living room.

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      Stack It Up

      Use open shelving when a top-heavy hutch would be too cumbersome. If space is tight, look for a shallow sideboard with a lot of interior shelves.

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