DIY Project: Painted Headboard

Go crazy for color with this quick and easy idea for the bedroom. Upgrade an old wooden headboard with paint.

What You Need:

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  • Wooden headboard
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Tack cloth
  • Water-base wood sealer
  • Household trim brush
  • Sherwin-Williams interior latex paint in satin finish: Alabaster
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Painter's tape for delicate surfaces: 2-inch- and 1/2 inch-wide
  • Delta Ceramcoat acrylic crafts paints: Sable Brown #DA061, Peony Pink #DA215, Warm White #DA239, Fawn #DA242, Pistachio Mint #DA253, and Indian Turquoise #DA087
  • Compass
  • Plaid Simply Stencils assorted dot stencil #17428
  • Spray-on stencil adhesive
  • Stencil brush
  • Rose pattern
  • Tracing paper and graphite transfer paper
  • Artists' brushes: 1-inch-wide flat and #2 liner

What to Do:

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Sand all surfaces of the headboard and wipe thoroughly with a tack cloth. Apply one coat of water-base sealer. Let dry.

Using a household trim brush, base-coat the entire headboard with Sherwin Williams Alabaster satin sheen. Let dry.

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Paint the Border

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For the border stripe, use a pencil and ruler to mark a 1/2 inch-wide stripe on the headboard 2 inches in from the edge on all sides. Use painter's tape to mask off both edges of the border. Apply a coat of water-base sealer along both taped edges to keep the top coat of paint from bleeding underneath the tape; let dry. Base-coat the border with Sable Brown; let dry.

For the dots, use a pencil and ruler to mark a center line 1 inch in from the edge on all sides. Use a compass to mark center lines for the dots at equal 1-1/2 inch spaces. Spray the back side of the stencil with stencil adhesive. Center the stencil opening on the first dot and press it in place. Dip the stencil brush into a small amount of Sable Brown paint and blot the excess paint onto a paper towel. Use a gentle circular or light tapping motion to fill in the stencil openings. Move the stencil and repeat for all dots.

Paint the Rose Motif

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Enlarge the pattern to the desired size and trace onto tracing paper. Transfer the pattern to the headboard using graphite transfer paper.

Base-coat the rose petals with Peony Pink; let dry. Use the #2 liner brush to paint a border on each petal with a light pink mixture of Peony Pink plus Warm White; let dry. Outline the petals with Warm White; let dry.

Paint the leaves following the photo as a guide using Fawn, Pistachio Mint, and a light blue mixture of Indian Turquoise plus Warm White; let dry. Outline the turned leaves and center veins with Warm White; let dry.

Base-coat the small flower petals with the light blue mixture; let dry. Paint the inner section of each petal with Indian Turquoise; let dry, then outline with Warm White. Let dry. Base-coat the flower center with Fawn, let dry. Paint the swirl with Warm White. Base-coat the flower bud with Pistachio Mint; let dry. Outline the Pistachio Mint bud with Fawn; let dry.

Brush on two coats of water-base sealer, letting dry between coats.

Download the Pattern

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