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In a hardworking kitchen, a backsplash is an ideal opportunity to add a little personality. See how pretty materials and unique installations can bring a fresh face to your kitchen.

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Put on your walking shoes and stop in at America's premier marketplaces -- you'll find country primitives, midcentury modern furniture, vintage fashions, upcycled treasures, and more. Here are a few insider tips for wending your way through each market.

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Repurposed T-Shirt Projects by Michele Beschen

Dig through your closet for old T-shirts that can be repurposed into these fast, inexpensive, and easy projects. Hit the town with a fabulous T-shirt scarf draped around your neck. Or stay in and cuddle up with your comfy T-shirt pillow.


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    • Clean Out Your Closet

      T-shirts are inexpensive, comfy, and stylish. And they have a way of sticking around in your closet (sometimes for years). Team DIY's salvage stylista, Michele Beschen, guides us through two easy T-shirt projects: a comfy scarf and a cozy pillow. These projects are suitable for beginners, or even kids with supervision, as Michele's daughter demonstrates.

    • Materials

      Here's everything you'll need to create these two easy-as-pie projects.

      -- Old T-shirts

      -- Rotary cutter

      -- Ruler

      -- Sewing machine

      -- Thread

      -- Buttons or pins (optional)

    • That's a Wrap

      Repurpose all your favorite old tees into a T-shirt scarf. Pick ones that coordinate in color or a theme that reflects your personality.

    • T-Shirt Scarf: Step 1

      Gather enough T-shirts to make eight to 10 squares or rectangles. Lay the shirt flat on the cutting mat. Be careful not to cut into a design you'd like to use for the scarf. Use a rotary cutter and ruler to make two vertical, 12-inch cuts.

    • T-Shirt Scarf: Step 2

      Next, make two horizontal 12-inch cuts to complete the square. If you're planning to make a scarf for a kid, cut pieces that are 7x9 inches.

    • T-Shirt Scarf: Step 3

      Stitch the wrong sides of the pieces together. We suggest using eight to 10 pieces, but you can add or subtract pieces to create a length that works best for you. Because the material won't fray, there's no need to finish the edges. However, you can serge the edges for extra style.

    • Pillow Talk

      You'll love snuggling up to these super-soft T-shirt pillows. Create a block pillow using squares of jersey that coordinate in theme or color. Or you can keep it simple by sticking with one with a great graphic design or fun phrase.

    • Pillow Talk: Instructions

      Cut the fabric to the desired size, allowing for 1/4-inch seams. Sew with the wrong sides together (or right sides together, if you prefer a more finished look). Be sure to leave an opening to fill. Use filling or forms to stuff your pillow, and then sew it closed. Don't worry about hand-stitching. Just push the filling to the bottom of the pillow and feed the unfinished edge through the sewing machine. T-shirt material is stretchy, and the filling will stay out of your way. Make a pillow of any shape or size, and when you're done, finish it off with a cute button or pin in the center.

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      Nature-Inspired Paper Projects

      Grab your camera, head outdoors, and let nature be your muse for these simple and elegant transfer projects. Use your printer and different types of transfer paper to embellish everything from fabric to furniture.
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