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Repurposed T-Shirt Projects by Michele Beschen

Dig through your closet for old T-shirts that can be repurposed into these fast, inexpensive, and easy projects. Hit the town with a fabulous T-shirt scarf draped around your neck. Or stay in and cuddle up with your comfy T-shirt pillow.


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    • Clean Out Your Closet

      T-shirts are inexpensive, comfy, and stylish. And they have a way of sticking around in your closet (sometimes for years). Team DIY's salvage stylista, Michele Beschen, guides us through two easy T-shirt projects: a comfy scarf and a cozy pillow. These projects are suitable for beginners, or even kids with supervision, as Michele's daughter demonstrates.

    • Materials

      Here's everything you'll need to create these two easy-as-pie projects.

      -- Old T-shirts

      -- Rotary cutter

      -- Ruler

      -- Sewing machine

      -- Thread

      -- Buttons or pins (optional)

    • That's a Wrap

      Repurpose all your favorite old tees into a T-shirt scarf. Pick ones that coordinate in color or a theme that reflects your personality.

    • T-Shirt Scarf: Step 1

      Gather enough T-shirts to make eight to 10 squares or rectangles. Lay the shirt flat on the cutting mat. Be careful not to cut into a design you'd like to use for the scarf. Use a rotary cutter and ruler to make two vertical, 12-inch cuts.

    • T-Shirt Scarf: Step 2

      Next, make two horizontal 12-inch cuts to complete the square. If you're planning to make a scarf for a kid, cut pieces that are 7x9 inches.

    • T-Shirt Scarf: Step 3

      Stitch the wrong sides of the pieces together. We suggest using eight to 10 pieces, but you can add or subtract pieces to create a length that works best for you. Because the material won't fray, there's no need to finish the edges. However, you can serge the edges for extra style.

    • Pillow Talk

      You'll love snuggling up to these super-soft T-shirt pillows. Create a block pillow using squares of jersey that coordinate in theme or color. Or you can keep it simple by sticking with one with a great graphic design or fun phrase.

    • Pillow Talk: Instructions

      Cut the fabric to the desired size, allowing for 1/4-inch seams. Sew with the wrong sides together (or right sides together, if you prefer a more finished look). Be sure to leave an opening to fill. Use filling or forms to stuff your pillow, and then sew it closed. Don't worry about hand-stitching. Just push the filling to the bottom of the pillow and feed the unfinished edge through the sewing machine. T-shirt material is stretchy, and the filling will stay out of your way. Make a pillow of any shape or size, and when you're done, finish it off with a cute button or pin in the center.

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      Make a Pretty Pouf

      With a can-do attitude, and $50, you can create an on-trend accent for your home. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to make a pouf that's charming and practical that can serve as an ottoman or pouf seating.
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