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Drop Cloth Decor Projects

Who knew that what you used to catch the mess during your last painting project could be your latest design masterpiece?


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    • Explore Drop Cloth Decor

      DIY Network project designer Michele Beschen shows you how to turn your spills into decorating thrills using old drop cloths for home decor. Those random drips, drops, and splashes you create while you're hard at work can be inspiration for a one-of-a-kind DIY design.

    • Materials

      What you'll need to create your own playful and colorful home accessories:

      -- Laundered canvas drop cloth from previous project

      -- Iron

      -- Desired patterns

      -- Sewing machine

      -- Embellishment

    • Drop Cloth Decor: Step 1

      Wash your drop cloth fabric after you are done using it for your project. When dry, press.

    • Drop Cloth Decor: Step 2

      Cut the drop cloth material into the necessary pieces for whatever project you are attempting to tackle. Use the parts of the fabric that you find most appealing and visually interesting.

    • Drop Cloth Decor: Step 3

      Don't be afraid to enhance the material with a little embellishment. Stencils, decorative stitching, patches, fringe, buttons, etc., make adorable add-ons.

    • Drop Cloth Decor: Step 4

      Get creative with your material - don't just make pillows. Think of the endless possibilities a single piece of this unique fabric has. Here, the fabric brings new life to an old chair.

    • Drop Cloth Decor: Pillows

      Pillows are always super-simple to make. Cut your fabric, sew it together, stuff it full of soft filler, and sew it shut.

    • Drop Cloth Decor: Apron

      No worries about wiping messy hands on this adorable apron. Use the fabric from your old drop cloths to stitch together an apron that you can really get to work in.

    • Drop Cloth Decor: Seat Cover

      Stretch a piece of your drop cloth fabric over a tattered seat cushion, staple it to the bottom, and attach the cushion back to the chair for a new look in seconds flat. Finally, furniture made for spills and splatters!

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      Drop Cloth Decor: Tote Bag

      You'll be looking all artsy sashaying down the street with this adorable tote on your shoulder. Use it to carry your tools or crafting supplies.

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