Creative Ways to Reinvent a Lampshade

Give ordinary lampshades a lift with easy add-ons that take less than an hour.

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    Thread and Needle

    Embroidery floss is made for more than just friendship bracelets. Use it to dress up everyday items around the house! Find a plain lampshade and use the floss and a needle to make trendy geometric patterns. Make sure all tied ends stay on the inside of the lampshade. These contrasting colors really pop against the white fabric, and the freshly painted lamp base looks sharp.

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    Fabric-Covered Lampshade

    See how easy it is to roll a swatch of your favorite fabric onto a lampshade. Bonus points if you can use extra fabric from a curtain or linens in the room! This project requires no prior sewing skills. See more here.  

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    Dainty Dots

    From far away, this lampshade looks like it's covered in embroidered French knots. But once you take a peek up close, you'll see that those aren't knots at all... they're fabric paint dots! Made with the same dimensional fabric paint you used to collect for decorating shirts, this lampshade is easy for any skill level.

    Use our pattern to make marks on the shade where the dots are supposed to go. With these steps, this quick project is fool-proof.

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    Surprise Inside

    A hint of color and pattern is an eye-catching touch on the inside of a shade, especially for hanging lamps. Make a pattern by tracing the shape of your lampshade onto paper, allowing enough to overlap ends. Cut fabric using the pattern, coat the wrong side with spray adhesive, and carefully adhere the fabric to the inside of the shade.

    If you have difficulty controlling the fabric as you work, first back it with paper to stiffen it, then use adhesive to attach the paper side to the shade. Glue bias tape along the top and bottom edges to give the lining a finished look.

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    Lovely Design

    Create a custom lampshade using your favorite fabric and decoupage! This beautiful watercolor drum was made by cutting out floral designs from spare fabric. From there, all you need is decoupage medium and bias tape to create a polished design. Don't be afraid to mix patterns or overlap large cutouts! A collaged look makes the drum even better.  

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    Like a Diamond

    Unique texture gives this DIY lampshade a memorable look. Use dimensional paint and a harlequin stencil for this all-white drum that's easy to make. Don't bother painting with contrasting colors; the texture does all the talking in this project.

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    Doodle Decor

    To create this fun shade, start at the seam with a black opaque paint marker, draw evenly spaced vertical lines for different numbers and sizes of circles. Every fifth row draw a series of single circles; connect the circles with loose, squiggly lines. Then apply the lighter color paint first, let dry. Next, paint the darker circles.

    We love this idea for a gender-neutral nursery!

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    In the Shade

    This luxe lampshade doesn't cost nearly as much as it looks. With inexpensive copper foil tape, you can stay on-trend without even buying a new shade! Although the change may be small, it will elevate your space with chic metallic sparkle.

    Apply the foil as easily as you would apply stickers to a piece of paper. Remember to use your finger to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

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    All Glitz Up

    Dress your lampshade to the nines with this chandelier-inspired design. A black screen-print image is striking against a crisp white shade. Add extra drama with adhesive rhinestones placed delicately on the decor. This project is perfect for a teenage girl's room!

    When screen-printing on a a round surface, such as a lampshade, be sure the stencil is smoothed down and secured well with tape around the edges.

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