Pillow Persuasion

Think pillows, and you think pillow form, fabric, and thread, right? The difference between a run-of-the-mill pillow and one that beckons you to come and sit for a while is in the details.
Monogrammed Napkin Pillow What You Need

  • 3/4 yard of yellow fabric
  • 3 22-inch-square white linen napkins with hemstitched borders
  • 24-inch-square pillow form
  • Dressmaker's chalk, colored; or disappearing-ink fabric-marking pen


Quantities specified are for 52/54-inch fabrics. All measurements include 1/2-inch seam allowances unless otherwise noted. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

From yellow fabric, cut:

  • 2 25-inch squares

Assemble the Pillow

  1. Sew the yellow fabric squares together, leaving a 14-inch opening along one side. Turn the pillow right side out through the opening. Insert the pillow form through the opening and hand-stitch the opening closed.
  2. Using colored dressmaker's chalk or a disappearing-ink fabric-marking pen, lightly mark two rows 1 1/2 inches apart along each side of two napkins. The outside row should be 4 inches from the finished edge of the napkin. Fold the napkins along the marked lines toward the outside of the napkin to make two rows of 1/4-inch-deep tucks; press. Topstitch each fold in place.
  3. Cut eight 1-1/2-x-18-inch strips from the second napkin. Fold each strip in half lengthwise with right sides together and raw edges aligned. Sew along the long side and one short side of each strip, leaving one short side open; trim the corners. Turn the strips right side out through the opening; press. Zigzag-stitch the opening closed.
  4. Hand-stitch the zigzag end of each tie to the back edge of each pin-tucked napkin, centering one tie between each of the tucks.
  5. Use your sewing machine's embroidery capabilities or a monogramming service to add a 5-inch-tall monogram to the center of one pin-tucked panel.
  6. Tie the pin-tucked napkins to each side of the yellow pillow.

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