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Start your DIY projects with our free patterns and project plans for stenciled walls, stitched home accents, furniture, and more.


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    • Pretty Paper Flowers

      Craft flowers that last with pretty paper. First, remove a silk flower head from the stem. Wrap the stem with double-sided tape. Wind bias binding around the stem and secure the end with hot glue. Print the petal pattern (link below). Trace each shape five times on the wrong side of wallpaper. Cut out the shapes. Print the leaf pattern and trace three times on the wrong side of wallpaper (we used a different design for the leaves). Cut out the shapes. Beginning with the smallest petals, wrap one petal around the end of the stem, securing with hot glue. Continue layering and gluing petals, trimming as needed, and overlapping petals as you work outward. Use the largest petals on the outside of the flower. Hot glue three leaves along the stem and hot glue a green bead to the center of the flower. 

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    • Painted Chair

      Customize plain upholstery with a painted-on rose design. 

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    • Wall Stencil Pattern

      Re-create the pattern at home with our free stencil template. We started with a medium gray for the overall of the wall color. Then, we used a slightly lighter gray for the first layer of stenciling. A pale gray highlights the final layer of the stencil: a small diamond positioned along each side of the first stenciled motif.

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    • Doodled Flower Design

      Embellish plain coffee cups with a doodled flower design using transfer paper and paint pens. Draw your design onto a small piece of white paper -- freehand your own designs, use ours, or find clip art online. Cut transfer paper slightly larger than the white paper, place behind the white paper, and tape both papers to the mug. Trace the pattern lines to transfer the design to the mug, then remove papers. Use paint pens to trace the lines. Let dry. Heat-set according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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    • Home Love

      Declare your home love with this free printable. We glued a magnet to the front of a framed wood plaque from a crafts store, then stuck a metal clip to the the magnet to hold the artwork.

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    • Terra-Cotta Pot Designs

      Spruce up your garden with "tattooed" terra-cotta pots. 

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    • Lampshade Update

      Embellish a plain lampshade with a design that looks like French knot embroidery. 

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    • Watercolor Artwork

      Create this origami crane artwork with our free template and how-to. The guide includes step-by-step photos for creating the watercolor effect shown here.

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    • DIY Floral Stencil

      Give a plain wood floor new spark with a floral motif. If you don't want to commit to painting your wood floor, follow the same instructions, but apply the stencil to a vinyl mat or floorcloth instead.

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      Chirpy Tray

      Turn a plain wooden tray into a stylish server with our vine-and-bird template. First, paint the tray a base color (we used green). Then tape off a rectangle to whitewash, and mask the vine pattern (download below) so that it remains the base color. Trace around the tip of a vine stencil and paint it another color (we used a lighter green). Trace around another vine pattern and fill in with a contrasting color (we used hot pink). Add a few bird silhouettes in a fourth color (we used orange). Once all the paint is dry, seal the design with several coats of polyurethane to protect the surface.

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      Butterfly Pillow

      Create a whimsical pillow with inked-on butterflies. Download the pattern, cut it out, and trace onto a pillow cover with a fabric marker. Then fill in the design with the marker.

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      Welcome Mat Stencil

      Craft a cheeky welcome mat or shoe-cabinet liner with this shoe-tread stencil and a carpet tile. Download the pattern and transfer it to stencil plastic. Use a crafts knife to cut out the stencil design. Place the stencil design on your carpet tile, and use masking tape to hold it in place. Paint the pattern with crafts paint and a stencil brush. Remove the stencil and use an artist's brush to paint a line in the middle of the tread. When the paint has dried, flip the stencil over and repeat the process for the other shoe-tread print.

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      Houndstooth Pattern

      When done on an oversize scale, a classic houndstooth pattern has modern appeal. For a subtle look, paint the pattern in a monochromatic scheme, such as light and dark blue. Or for a little more pep, try two contrasting colors.

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      Dandelion Art

      Display a pretty embroidered piece with the hoop as the frame. This whimsical pattern requires just a few basic stitches.

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      Quote Shelf

      Make a shelf a statement with quote-shape brackets. This intermediate woodworking project uses blind shelf supports to hang the blocks as corbels on the wall. Top with a shelf secured to the corbels.

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      Kids' Labels

      Help kids get organized with labels designed just for them. Picture labels depicting a stuffed animal, blocks, or other toys will help nonreaders know where to put away specific toys.

      Print the Zebra Labels
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      Veneer Vase

      Turn a plain vase into a leafy showpiece with veneer. Download the free leaf templates, then trace the patterns onto veneer and cut them out. Cut a piece of veneer to wrap around the vase. Stitch leaves onto the veneer, and add extra stitches for flourish. Wrap the embellished veneer around the vase and secure with glue.

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      DIY Floor Stencil

      This diamond pattern emits a decidedly cottage vibe. Use the motif on walls, floors, cabinets, and more.

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      Wall and Floor Stencil

      A whimsical medallion motif stenciled onto the floor and wall brings this dining room to life. Applying a pattern to just one section of a wall, as was done above this buffet, can create an interesting focal point.

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      Chalkboard Stencil

      Create an easy-to-change wall that starts with a foundation of chalkboard paint. Apply chalkboard paint according to the directions on the can. Scribble chalk over the painted surface and erase with rags or a chalkboard eraser. (This gives your final design a uniform surface and prevents "ghosts" if you change the design later.) Trace the pattern onto cardboard, and use the cardboard as a template to trace the medallion pattern on the wall with chalk.

      Tip: Start in the center and work your way outward.

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      Make a Pouf

      This stylish, versatile piece can be used for almost anything, including extra seating or a footrest -- or even a perch for a tray of drinks or snacks. Download the free instructions and pattern to make your own pouf.

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      Try out the timeless technique of silhouettes for your next art project. Use our free templates for the artwork seen here. Or, to create your own silhouettes, take a picture of the object you wish to silhouette, then enlarge the picture to the desired size. Print the photo and cut out the shape. Trace the shape onto a piece of solid-color paper, and adhere it to a background in a contrasting color.

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      DIY Bathroom Cabinet

      Get a custom bathroom cabinet by building it yourself. Download our free plans for this bathroom cabinet, and get the step-by-step instructions from the link below.

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      Shelf from Plumbing Parts

      Create an industrial-look shelf from plumbing parts. Use our free assembly diagram and instructions to build the shelf shown here.

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      Raised-Bed Garden Plans

      Exercise your green thumb in a raised-bed garden. Download the free plans for this garden, and learn the secrets to maintaining a flourishing garden.

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      Build a Chicken Coop

      If raising chickens is an aspiration of yours, house your flock in this cute chicken coop. Download the plans and learn more from the link below.

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