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Modern Decor

Modern style matches simplicity with sophistication and clean lines with character to create comfortable rooms with cutting-edge design.


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    • Today's Modern Home

      Modern style is widely recognized by its clean lines and minimalist decor. But today's modern approach resists the cold, institutional look. Instead, it balances simplicity with the comforts of home. Fabrics in textural solids or bold, graphic patterns bring softness, and shapely furniture adds an inviting touch.

      In this slideshow, consider the furniture styles, color schemes, and decorative touches that can make your modern space trendy yet inviting.

    • Keep Color Simple

      A neutral color palette is the trademark of modern design. Predominantly white walls provide a sharp background for contrasting dark and light neutrals (usually blacks, browns, and grays against whites and creams). Within that neutral scheme, add interest with texture in fabrics and just enough patterns to make a statement without complicating the clean design.

    • Gray: The New Neutral

      Grays are sophisticated neutrals for an upscale modern look. The dark, shaded tones offer more visual interest than solid black while keeping a clean, minimalist look.

    • Smooth and Sophisticated

      Modern style is known for its sleek look, often achieved with particular materials. Choose those with smooth surfaces and polished finishes, such as the refreshing blend of glass tile, marble, and sleek wood in this stunning bathroom.

    • Simply Sleek

      Surfaces set the style in a modern kitchen. Lacquered cabinets, stainless-steel appliances, and polished countertops create a crisp, cool stage for cooking and entertaining. A single punch of vibrant color keeps this kitchen from turning cold.

    • Commercial Influence

      Take inspiration from commercial design to add creative interest in your modern home. A restaurant kitchen influences the industrial character of this kitchen, with open shelving, a glass-front refrigerator, and shiny stainless-steel accents.

    • Shapely Effects

      Geometric shapes often play into modern design, adding visual interest without ornate detailing. An oval mirror, cylindrical lights, and rounded fixtures set against linear wall tiles give this contemporary bathroom dynamic character with the simple use of graphic lines.

    • Open Plan

      Modern style is widely recognized by an open floor plan, where large and plentiful windows let in lots of natural light. Angular and geometric lines in the architecture make things interesting and provide the stepping-stones for furnishings and accessories to follow suit.

    • Less Is More

      "Less is more" could be the tagline of modern style. The key to decorating a modern space is eliminating clutter by keeping the furnishings and accessories pared-down. This approach creates a soothing, restful retreat in this bedroom.

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      Built-In Clutter Control

      Take a pared-down approach when furnishing a modern room. This striking wall of built-in storage designed around the bed is the perfect solution, as it minimizes pieces of furniture in the room and cuts down on clutter thanks to its orderly design.

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      Fight Boredom

      Modern style doesn't have to mean stark and boring. Use materials to add warmth and interest. In this bathroom, a dark wood vanity brings inviting elegance, while an artistic glass tile pattern adds movement and interest to the walls.

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      Make Room to Be Unique

      Modern style welcomes the unusual, so look for ways to incorporate avant-garde design. Seek out unusual shapes in furnishings or unique patterns in fabrics. In this bathroom, floating wall-mount sinks and a large square tub encased in sleek wood are unique designs that give the space a one-of-a-kind look.

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      Twist on Tradition

      The simplicity of modern style can leave room for softer decorating touches, such as the traditional pattern in this living room wallpaper. The tone-on-tone color keeps the ornate pattern subtle enough to blend with contemporary furnishings, while its classic design playfully contrasts the graphic wall art.

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      Add Elements of Nature

      Organic elements bring life to a strictly modern room. From planted pots and a real fire to a simple centerpiece of fresh flowers, incorporate touches of nature and life to keep modern style livable and inviting.

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      Color Power

      While a neutral palette is the mainstay of modern style, color isn't against the rules. Don't be afraid to inject a modern room with vibrant colors for a high-energy look. Throw down a bright area rug, add some splashy slipcovers, or even paint a bold accent wall.

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      Minimal Interest

      In modern style, minimal doesn't mean without detail. The key is to keep visually interesting details clean and linear, instead of busy and ornate. In this contemporary living space, linear glass panels lining the staircase and a noteworthy light fixture that graphically reflects the rectangular table make a stunning statement with a minimalistic approach.

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      Retro Influences

      Give a modern room a playful twist by bringing back pieces of modern decor from years past. A shag rug, woven leather chair, and telescoping lamp inject mod 1970s flavor into this contemporary family room.

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      Artful Impact

      Artwork is often a focal point in a modern room and can boldly impact the room's style. The contemporary piece of wall art and the angular shapes of the furniture help guide this room toward modern inclinations, although the architecture of the ceiling could sway it toward cottage or country style.

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