Black Living Room

Daring decorators with a penchant for theatrical spaces might want to turn their design eyes to creating black living rooms. Cocoonlike in character, black living room design styles depend on the furniture and accessories you select. Choose black living room furniture sporting contemporary or classic contours and leather, solid-hue, or graphically patterned upholstery to create living rooms sure to make a statement. Browse our photos of living rooms to see how ever-versatile black combines with bright reds and porcelain blues for Asian-inspired living rooms -- and how ebony walls and black paisley draperies fashion formal settings for white woodwork, jewel-toned fabrics, and silvery collections. Discover living room decorating ideas that pair black with sizzling hot hues, pearlescent and charcoal grays, earthy tones, and delicate pastels to produce wow-worthy designs. Learn ways to incorporate black in large and small doses. See how black-painted or wallpapered walls draw you in and make big rooms cozy, and how black decorative trims perk up drapery panels and accent pillows. Learn what great designers know: Every room needs a touch or two of black. So, include living room decor items, such as black-framed mirrors and artwork, checkerboard area rugs, and black occasional tables, to create spaces that pack a dramatic punch.

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