Red Kitchen

Spice up your kitchen with red. A red kitchen projects warmth and cheeriness and can wake up utilitarian kitchen surfaces. Plus, there are a myriad of shades to choose from. True red is the most vibrant version to use, while rust reds and barn reds are softer and will lend an aged look to country or cottage kitchens. Terra-cottas will evoke a Tuscan look, while chestnut and maroon will take a more reserved approach to red. Browse our favorite photos of red kitchens to discover fresh ways to use the classic hue in combination with other colors. See how to pair red with yellow and champagne for a sophisticated, rustic look; with turquoise for a fun and vivacious vibe; or neutrals to create a space where the red can really shine. Get inspired by these well-decorated red kitchens and see the best ways to use red in a kitchen. There are several ways -- from cabinets to tile to paint -- to add red to your kitchen. Discover a look that will inspire you to introduce the vibrant color to your kitchen.

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