Green Kitchen

Invite the earthy look of green into your kitchen. Green kitchens can come in all styles, including traditional and cottage style. Browse our photos of green kitchens to get inspired by this earthy color. See how verdigris green can bring aged charm to a kitchen, or how a peppy apple green can impart liveliness, or how a rich olive can bring elegance to a utilitarian room. Get ideas for kitchen color schemes starring green. Our kitchen photos display unique color schemes that you can replicate in your own kitchen. See what cabinet wood tones pair well with a specific shade of green, and see how certain countertop materials will look with your chosen shade. Plus, discover how to add in other colors for variety. See green color schemes in action via our kitchen photos, and learn what other shades work well with green and what kind of design style the combinations convey. Whether your kitchen is large or small, grand or casual, green can bring personality and pep to your cooking, eating, and gathering space.

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