Black Kitchen

Explore the beauty and elegance of a black kitchen with the inspiring ideas tucked into these gorgeous kitchens. Black is an always-stylish kitchen decorating option. The color can be applied to almost any surfaces -- from cabinets to appliances and floors to backsplashes -- in large doses or small accents to create a dramatic look. See how the hue plays out in kitchens by browsing photos of black kitchens that are filled with ideas on how to incorporate the hue into a color scheme. The beauty of this no-fail neutral is that it can be paired with almost any color and be expressed in almost any style. Paired with white and butcher block, black takes on a traditional look, but when partnered with metal and sleek surfaces, a kitchen can go modern and minimal. Combining red and white lacquer with black yields a retro look, but when paired with barn red and wheat yellow, black can lend a country look to kitchen. Explore our favorite kitchens featuring black and get inspiration for your own kitchen decorating, remodeling, or makeover project.

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