Yellow Kid's Room

Yellow is the color of sunshine, so what better way to add cheer to your little one's room than with a color scheme starring the sunny hue? Plus, since yellow can often function as a neutral, it's also a color that can easily grow with a child from infancy well into his or her teen years. Browse this gallery of our favorite kid's rooms featuring yellow and gather ideas and inspiration for incorporating the color into your own child's bedroom. Start by choosing the perfect yellow wall color. Whether you're in the market for something soft and muted, or you're searching for a hue with a bit more punch and pizzazz, there's bound to be a yellow to suit your little one's style. Pair soft yellow hues such as vanilla or maize with other pastels and delicate patterns to create a space that looks calming and collected. Bold yellows, such as lemon and daffodil, look fabulous when paired with saturated hues ranging from blue and green to pink and purple. These stylish kid's rooms are also filled with ideas for incorporating cheerful yellow hues using accessories such as bedding, wall art, window treatments, and more.

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