Red Kid's Room

A red kid's room will offer plenty of energy to match the exuberant spirit of childhood. Kid's rooms are often bold and energetic, and red is the perfect color to create a playful space. Painting the walls a bright shade of red is a quick and budget-friendly way to create a lively space. If painting the entire room red isn't for you, try an accent wall. You'll still get the same impact of color, but you can temper it with neutrals. Beyond painting the walls, we show you how to mix red with complementary colors to create a bold space that doesn't overwhelm. A red-painted bed becomes the focal point of a mostly neutral room, red linens and artwork make a strong statement, and using red as an accent throughout the room still allows the strong color to take center stage. Red?whether in paint or bedding and decorative accents?is a color that works for babies and teenagers alike. The color is versatile and can transform as kids grow.

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