Yellow Bedroom

Let the sun shine in! Design upbeat yellow bedrooms that lift spirits from dawn past dusk. Browse our pictures of yellow bedrooms to find a myriad of decorating ideas in an array of styles. Learn how to pair red-tinted yellows, such as saffron and amber, with bright turquoise, lime, orange, and other bright colors for cheerfully chic digs. Or, take inspiration from a Provencal patterned fabric and use goldenrods, cobalt blues, and reds to imbue a space with country French character. Mix zesty lemon hues with black, white, and charcoal tones to fashion gray and yellow bedrooms that take a contemporary turn with metal-framed furnishings and bleached wood finishes. See traditional gray-and-yellow bedrooms that set calming gray furnishings and patterned fabrics against rich gold walls. If bright yellow is too intense to suit your bedroom decorating vision, opt for pale cream and honey wall colors to create understated backdrops for Scandinavian-style wedgwood blue finishes and white textiles. Or, use the buttery tones to set off ruffled white curtains, pastel bed linens, and painted primitive pieces. Explore our gallery of yellow bedrooms to see how this chameleonlike hue teams up with earthen neutrals, rich jewel tones, and even primary colors to fashion appealing retreats.

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