Red Bedroom

The color red stimulates the senses and creates bedroom designs that issue resounding wake-up calls. When used judiciously, this red-hot hue supplies a scintillating foundation for red bedrooms that range in style from classic to contemporary. Browse our gallery of bedroom pictures to stimulate your inner decorator by viewing a wealth of red bedroom ideas that crop up on focal-point walls, lavishly layered bedsteads, upholstered pieces, and beautifully dressed windows and floors. Discover how dynamic red-and-black bedrooms weave in traditional Asian influences or twist to modern with sleek furnishings, geometric textiles, and industrial finishes. Check out red-and-white bedrooms decorated in country French toile or clad in buoyant stripes for a natty nautical look. Learn color-savvy strategies for balancing bright reds by introducing cool blue accents, white-painted finishes, and black accessories, or by blending in shades of pink and yellow to fashion romantic retreats. See how red bedrooms take on a global perspective with the introduction of spicy oranges, saffron yellows, and pops of purple and turquoise. Got a yen for more peaceful places? Explore red bedrooms that illustrate how shades of maroon and burgundy beautifully partner with dark-wood furniture, gilded finishes, and posh fabrics to create serene and sophisticated spaces.

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