Gray Bedroom

Nothing says timeless better than bedrooms decorated in shades of gray. Taking its chromatic cue from limestone, concrete, ash, and driftwood, this cool neutral inspires perennially peaceful gray bedroom designs ranging from contemporary to traditional in feel. Browse our gallery of bedroom pictures to find gray bedroom ideas meant to shift your imagination into overdrive. Explore spaces where an interplay of textures, such as nubby chenille, plush velvets, hammered-iron shelves, silver-framed mirrors, zinc-top tables, and distressed paint finishes, take the chill off too-cool gray bedrooms. Learn how to fuse light and dark grays to fashion tranquil tableaus and how to enrich that same scheme by adding in jewel-tone tufted headboards and posh textiles. Employ gray bedroom walls as complementary backdrops for an array of color schemes and decorating themes. Paint walls blue-gray to highlight a black, yellow, and white palette, or opt for charcoal walls to accent silky purple bedcovers and metallic surfaces. Since gray is, above all else, a neutral, it works with a rainbow's worth of hues. Discover how to energize mostly gray bedrooms by adding pops of cherry red, lime green, and hot pink; displaying black-and-white accents; and/or inserting a hue that expresses your unique point of view.

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