Blue Bedroom

Explore the variety of options for decorating a blue bedroom. Decorating a bedroom in blue -- from sky blue to sapphire -- can impart almost any mood, from relaxing to regal. Browse our gallery of blue bedrooms and get inspired to create your own blue bedroom with ideas from our favorite spaces. See how cornflower blue can bring color to a cottage-style bedroom. Or, if you love turquoise, see how this more vibrant shade can create a modern decor style in your bedroom. And blue, in many shades -- from navy to steel blue -- is a favorite for traditional bedrooms. Discover different color schemes starring blue -- from classic steel blue and sunny yellow to trendy cobalt and mint green. See how shades of blue can become neutrals with the addition of black, which creates gray-blues that are trendy yet timeless. Get inspired by these beautiful blue bedrooms and find new and unique ways to use blue in your bedroom. Whether it’s bedding, or walls and wallpaper, or furniture and accessories, blue can become the start of your bedroom or stand out as a supporting character.

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