Black Bedroom

Decorate a bedroom in black for a dramatic look. Black bedrooms can take on plenty of decorating styles and looks. The versatile hue can make an impact in both large flourishes and small accents. In more colorful bedrooms, black can break up blocks of color via trim on a comforter, a pillow or two, or glossy accessories. Neutral bedrooms can also get a decorating boost by adding black in the same manner: in small doses on accessories. When black plays a bigger role in a bedroom’s color scheme, the results can be quite striking. It can set a mysterious mood or a cocoonlike calm. Plus, using black doesn’t mean that the hue has to be stark. A painted piece of furniture can be aged to give its black color dimension, or black distressed fabrics can soften the look while providing the signature drama of black. Incorporating black into a bedroom isn’t limited to one style. When added to a traditional bedroom, black brings elegance, and when incorporated into a modern bedroom, it gives the space a decorating edge. Browse these pictures of black bedrooms to discover fresh, new ways to use black in bedroom decor.

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