Traditional Bathroom

Browse our photos of traditional bathroom designs and you'll find a bounty of images that will inspire you to create elegantly appointed havens boasting architectural substance, polished patinas, and formal flourishes. Discover ways to bring in traditional design elements that are both luxuriant and easy on the eye: think crown moldings; rich wood or glazed finishes; wood-paneled bathtub decks; brass, bronze, or brushed-nickel faucets and fittings; sweeps of white marble; hardwood floors; and limestone-tiled showers. Choose traditional bathroom vanities with recessed- or raised-panel doors, carved embellishments, and furniturelike forms built from cherry, walnut, or mahogany, or less-expensive models finished to resemble high-end woods. Top vanities with marble or granite countertops to enhance a traditional bathroom's warmth and welcoming spirit. Introduce materials, surfaces, and accessories that contribute to a traditional bathroom design's perennially charming character. Include good-looking tile treatments rendered in understated hues on walls, floors, and shower alcoves. Finely finish this longstanding look with gilded mirrors, polished-silver countertop vessels, cherished collections, and antique area rugs; it's these timeless elements that create the assembled-over-time character essential to building traditional bathroom designs.

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