Pink Bathroom

Explore our gallery of pink bathrooms, and you'll realize that ever-versatile pink plays nicely with oodles of colors and adapts to suit an array of decorating styles. Learn how to combine hot pinks with tangerine and chartreuse to create quirky quarters issuing a lively wake-up call. Or opt for dusty-pink walls, a refurbished claw-foot tub, and a chintz-skirted sink to turn a small bathroom into a serenely romantic retreat. Got a penchant for pizzazz? You'll love our high-impact pink-and-black bathrooms that demand attention. Create Parisian panache by displaying a black-painted vanity, gilded mirrors, and framed City of Lights images against pink painted walls; go retro by using salmon pink bathroom tiles, checkerboard floors, and splashy aqua accents; achieve a modern sensibility with geometric-pattern wallpapers, area rugs, and shower curtains. Introduce an edited array of pink bathroom accessories that contribute beauty and function. Select toiletry organizers, soap dispensers, laundry hampers, shower benches, and bath towels in pinks slightly lighter or darker than the bathroom's primary pink hue. Peruse our pink bathroom ideas to see ways to use white, black, and metallic accents along with pink bathroom accessories to accentuate your design-original bathroom.

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