Orange Bathroom

Take inspiration from fiery sunrises and fading sunsets to design an orange bathroom that warms hearts and excites every eye. Browse our pictures of orange bathrooms and you'll see how this palette offers shades from yellow-tinted peach to red-warmed persimmon that easily adapt to suit everyone's style preferences. Establishing moods from peaceful to playful, orange always makes an original statement when presented in copious amounts. Take it bold with tangerine walls, crisp white vanities and woodwork, and orange-and-white checkerboard floors created with vinyl or linoleum tiles. Go a little tropical by combining citrus orange, lime green, and lemon yellow ceramic tiles to fashion zesty backsplashes and sizzling shower walls. Got a yen for serenity? Opt for apricot backdrops, natural wood finishes, buttery accents, and fluffy white towels and rugs. If you're crazy for cocooning, paint walls pumpkin, use rusty slate tiles on floors and showers, add hammered-copper sinks, and finish it off with sunflower gold and grassy green fabrics and accessories. Introduce pale-to-pulsating oranges via orange bathroom accessories: Choose curvaceous countertop organizers, shaggy rugs, painted shelves, printed fabrics, and upholstered vanity benches that beautifully complete your original-in-orange bathroom design.

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