Yellow Color Schemes

Yellow in any shade will enliven a room. Try one of these sunny color palettes in your home.

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Eclectic Color Scheme
Eclectic Color Scheme

    Yellow + Kelly Green + Cyan

    Analogous colors yellow, green, and blue work together naturally and create a midlevel degree of contrast that is easy on the eyes while still keeping things interesting. In this living room, the walls get the yellow treatment while green paint jazzes up the interior of a built-in cabinet and provides a pop of color in the coffee table at the center of the room. A green throw brings color to the white sofa. Accents in cyan echo the blue rug.

Cozy Color Scheme

    Maize + Cinnabar

    Hues from the warm side of the color wheel are perfect for a north-facing room that lacks direct sunlight. Cornsilk-yellow walls and a red chair cozy up this country-style bedroom. Anything with texture adds dimension and warmth to a room like this. Woven baskets, a wool rug, and framed pressed botanicals affirm the organic color palette and create layers of texture.

Carefree Color Scheme

    Daffodil + Teal

    Liven up a muted palette with a painted focal point. Carefree yellow wakes up the island in this pretty kitchen. When using a strong, saturated color like this, it helps to limit it to one substantial piece or accent wall. Painting the walls in a clean neutral such as taupe will also keep the color from overwhelming the space. Bright, uplifting colors, such as teal and honey gold, add vibrance to the palette.

Pastel Color Scheme

    Yellow + Blue

    A pastel palette rich in yellow and blue humanizes the large scale of this dining room and imparts a cottage vibe. The buffet is painted in a pale butter yellow to let a pastel blue-patterned china collection pop. Wedgwood-blue chairs lend a grown-up, elegant tone to the pastel scheme.

Natural Color Scheme

    Sunshine + Sky

    Give white walls a bright and breezy boost and create a focal point in your living room with a wall papered in sunny yellow. A sinuous vine pattern climbs the wall, increasing its perceived height. A pair of baby blue upholstered love seats face each other in a comfortable conversation group.

Beautiful Color Scheme

    Golden Yellow + Blue + Rust

    A paint technique using several layers of slightly different yellow hues finished with an antiquing glaze gives warmth to this newly renovated dining room. Chairs covered in a flirty China blue surround the table. The royal-blue-and-rust patterned antique rug introduces new colors into the warm palette.

Juicy Color Scheme

    Lemon + Watermelon + Lime

    A few cans of paint give this living room a drenching in juicy color. White paint updates the fireplace, while citrus yellow coats the walls and ceiling for a warm and happy vibe. Bright golden paint enlivens an old coffee table, and an old wicker chair gets a new look with watermelon-pink paint. The color scheme combines in a striped rug that also introduces a jolt of lime green

Traditional Color Scheme

    Butter Yellow + Azure

    A pale, buttery yellow imparts a more formal mood to this traditionally styled bedroom. The patterned bedding livens up the sedate furnishings while maintaining a traditional look. The subtle color and pattern is balanced with a saturated blue found in the bench upholstery and large area rug.

Energizing Color Scheme

    Cornsilk + Orange + Gray

    Three matching daybeds piled with plump pillows make a wonderful grouping for cozy conversation. Neutral gray fabrics on the cushions allow the furniture frames and pillows to shine. Orange curtain panels bring deeper color to walls painted in a soft, pale yellow. The lighter wall color visually expands the room.

Vintage Color Scheme

    Golden Yellow + Ivory + Black

    Soft golden wallpaper, pale wood, and ivory fabric create a private sanctuary in this lovely bedroom. An antique side table and woven blinds repeat the golden notes. Similar tones on a variety of surfaces add richness to the color scheme. Sumptuous ivory fabrics dress the bed and cover the side chair with inviting touch-me texture, while a bold black pillow brings an element of solidity to the ethereal palette.

Victorian Color Scheme

    Yellow + Green + Coral

    A renovated Victorian rowhouse takes on an elegant look. Bathed in light from the bay window, buttery yellow walls keep the large space from becoming too formal while putting the focus on the confection of period details. A new fireplace with a marble mantel and custom metal surround is the focus of the living room. With so much going on architecturally, the green suede chairs and neutral sofa appear to float in the middle of a coral and ivory rug. Coral patterned pillows repeat the hue on the sofa.

Peaceful Color Scheme

    Butter + Aqua + Green

    Awash in buttery yellow walls, this tower bedroom is a stately yet serene retreat. Aqua-and-green patterned drapery panels frame the wide sweep of windows, blending the interior with the view outside. The fabric repeats on the upholstered chair, footstool, and pillow shams. A green throw and quilt accentuate the analogous color scheme.

Yummy Color Scheme

    Butterscotch + Chocolate + Raspberry

    This inviting living room is as luscious as a warm, rich dessert. Large blocks of solid color -- golden walls, brown sofa, and raspberry-red chair -- are balanced with pattern on the accent pillows, artwork, and side chair. Large rooms like this look best in warm colors, which make a space feel cozy, especially if a high ceiling is painted in a warm color, too.

Fanciful Color Scheme

    Yellow + Pink + Teal + Orange

    Vivid yellow on an accent wall, upholstered chair, and accessories provides the backdrop for a gathering of furnishings in a brilliant symphony of color and pattern. Oranges, pinks, and teals in iconic '60s and '70s designs put a happy face on this dining area. Black chairs and the black-and-white rug ground the saturated colors.

Charming Color Scheme

    Banana + Blue + Green

    A fresh palette that draws from both ends of the color spectrum proves you can have it all in one room. A soft yellow bathes the walls with warmth. Typically considered cool tones, blue and green find a home in this family room, contributing to rather than distracting from its inviting snugness. Mixed with taupes and whites in furniture and textured fabrics, the balance creates a comfy and charming palette.

Uplifting Color Scheme

    School Bus Yellow + Hot Pink

    Liven up a muted room with brightly painted walls. Springy yellow wakes up a wall in this living room. When using a strong, saturated color like this, it helps to limit it to an accent wall. Painting the adjacent walls in a clean white will also keep the color from overwhelming a space. Bright, uplifting colors, such as aqua and pink, add vibrance to the palette.

Sweet Color Scheme

    Vanilla + Jade + Pink

    Vanilla-yellow paneled walls bring light to a small bedroom in a snug lake cottage. Jade green frames the windows and mixes with rosy pink in a sweet confection of patterns on the rug and in the bed linens. A note of turquoise blue appears in the storage case at the end of the bed. The pastel palette enhances the cottage style and helps to harmonize the varied vintage furnishings.

Elegant Color Scheme

    Mustard + Navy

    A well-developed collection of art glass provided the inspiration for the color scheme of this gorgeous sunroom. A clean background of white walls and cabinetry puts the focus on the glass and the color-drenched furnishings. Mustard-yellow striped fabric covers the sofa with sophisticated yet simple pattern. Navy blue paisley brings deep color to the chairs. Navy-and-white floral patterned draperies frame the view of water, sky, and mountains beyond.

Calm Color Scheme

    Custard + Mint

    A graphic green-and-white tablecloth, used as a curtain on the French door, provided the inspiration for the simple color scheme in this dining nook. Coordinating dish towels in green and yellow become pillows and a chair-seat cover. To add architectural interest to the walls, custard yellow is painted on the top third, while mint green coats the bottom portion. A running line of store-bought white coat racks suggests a makeshift rail. Pretty accents in yellow and mint amplify the color palette.

Cheery Color Scheme

    Yellow + Rose + Beige

    Yellow is such a cheerful hue that it?s ideal for a children's playroom or family room. While the walls and built-in cabinetry remain off-white, patches of happy yellow crop up on the large dotted rug and accent pieces in this fun-filled family space. Rosy patterns of stripes and checks cover pillows and line the storage baskets underneath the large coffee table. Beige upholstered furniture provides a neutral foundation for the upbeat color scheme.

Rustic Color Scheme

    Lemon + Scarlet

    Shades from the warm side of the color wheel (reds, oranges, and yellows) add coziness to any room. In this living room, spicy colors such as orange, honey, and scarlet make the large space feel intimate and inviting. An abundance of fabrics in patterns and solids adds to the cocoon effect.


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