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9 Designer Color Palettes

Are you craving a colorful new look but are stumped about where to start? We asked a handful of designers to share the color palettes they're using now to give rooms a refresh. (We've given the paint match for each color so you can use the paint chips to coordinate fabric, furniture, and more.)


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    • Ann Fox's Juicy Citrus

      Ann says: This is a palette that just makes a person happy--it's great for a room that has no rules, such as a home office. Try it with white-washed furniture.

      Walls: Benjamin Moore Sweet Pear 389
      Accent wall or painted furniture: Benjamin Moore Tuscan Coral 005
      Fabric accent: Benjamin Moore Florida Pink 1320
      Accent furniture: Benjamin Moore Sweet Vibrations 391

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    • Katie Lydon's New Pink

      Katie says: This is a rich gray that looks great with white trim. You can change the accent colors and therefore, the whole feel of the room without a huge expense.

      Walls: Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers AC-28
      Upholstery: Benjamin Moore Natural Cream OC-14
      Painted coffee table or other accent: Benjamin Moore Van Buren Brown HC-70
      Pillows: Benjamin Moore Rose Silk 2104-60
      Small accents: Metallic silver

    • Mimi McMakin's Brights

      Mimi says: This combination of colors would bring the memory of summer days, year-round--a soft turquoise-y blue ceiling, light citrusy green walls, bright white trim, pale yellow chintz fabric on the furniture, with some bright pops of pink on pillows or accessories.

      Walls: Benjamin Moore Lemon Freeze 2025-50
      Ceiling: Benjamin Moore Innocence 2055-70
      Upholstery: Benjamin Moore Lemonade 2024-60
      Small accents: Benjamin Moore Hot Lips 2077-30

    • Gunkelman's Updated Classic

      Tom Gunkelman says: This is a classic palette but has a fresh overall feeling with the two accent colors--steel blue and yellow. Soft green walls make a perfect backdrop; it's nature's color.

      Walls: Benjamin Moore Hampton Green 2150-50
      Ceiling and trim: Benjamin Moore Cloud White 967
      Large accent color: Benjamin Moore Charlotte Slate AC-24
      Upholstered furniture: Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80
      Small accent (pillows): Benjamin Moore Yellow Rain Coat 2020-40

    • Ann Fox's Warm Seaglass

      Ann says: Being a native Texan, I can't get enough of cool beach glass tones. This scheme is a bit of a twist (and maybe a bit more livable) than the usual beach room. It's not quite as icy.

      Walls: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65
      Ceiling: Benjamin Moore Seabrook 750
      Upholstery (sofa): Benjamin Moore Sweet Daphne 529
      Accents: Benjamin Moore Seaside Blue 2054-50
      Accents: Benjamin Moore Beverly Hills 180

    • Constance Ramos' Seaside

      Constance says: My go-to color right now is blue. It reminds me of the sea and the sky--and endless opportunities.

      Walls: Valspar Seaside Villa SR204
      Drapes, wall textiles, sofa: Valspar Dockside Haze SR206
      Large accent: Valspar Thunder Gray SR210
      Trim and painted pieces: Valspar Fishnet SR310
      Accent: Benjamin Moore Sweet Butter 171
      Accent: Metallic silver

    • Patrice Cowan Bevans' Rich Elegance

      Patrice Cowan Bevans created a palette for everyone with a brown sofa. The pale green beautiful contrasts dark upholstery; a dose of red energizes it.

      Walls: Benjamin Moore Spring Dust 2150-40
      Ceiling: Benjamin Moore Rainforest Dew 2146-50
      Upholstery: Benjamin Moore Bittersweet Chocolate 2114-10
      Trim: Benjamin Moore Linen White 912
      Painted accent or fabric: Benjamin Moore Pinata 007

    • Kishani Perera's Poppy

      Kishani says: This palette is bold yet no one color is overpowering. However, you do need high-impact white and black accents--a sofa, chair, rug, or cabinetry, for example--for a visual break.

      Walls: Benjamin Moore Old Claret 2083-30
      Painted piece: Benjamin Moore Purple Easter Egg 2073-50
      Accent: Benjamin Moore Butterscotch 2157-30
      Accent: Benjamin Moore Butter 2023-60

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      Liz Levin's Fresh Neutrals

      Liz says: Neutral color schemes are elegant and timeless--so calming at times they can put you to sleep. But not this one! A bold jolt of color (fuchsia) is refreshing in an energizing way; gives a neutral room a shot in the arm.

      Walls: Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81
      Accent wall color: Benjamin Moore Jamesboro Gold HC-88
      Furniture or large accent: Benjamin Moore Falcon Brown 1238
      Upholstered chair or pillows: Benjamin Moore Night Flower 1344
      Small accent: Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

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