Cozy Color Schemes for Every Room

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room of your home with one of these colorful looks.

By Debra Wittrup

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Plum and sand bedroom
Plum + Sand

    Warming up a color scheme can be as easy as adding a few new accessories or embellishing those you already have. In this snug bedroom, neutral basics -- a dark wood bed frame and nightstand, tan walls, ivory chair, and duvet cover -- cozy up with plum accents in the rug, blanket, pillow, curtains, and art. Purple can represent either cool or warm parts of the color spectrum, depending on the hue. Look for shades of purple that have a slightly red hue to pull out the warm tones in a room.

Chocolate + Rose

    The romantic atmosphere of this living room gets its personality from pink accents and playful pattern mixing. The room is anchored by warm brown walls trimmed in pale pink, a foundation that helps balance the vibrant colors and patterns. The turquoise rug is an invigorating color that complements the dusty pink sofa and green and white chair. The muted shade of aqua in the rug combined with its floral pattern helps create the room's romantic and slightly glamorous look.

Blue + Green

    Earthy shades of blue and green are an inviting mix for a welcoming room. Typically considered cool colors, blues and greens find common ground in a cozy room when combined with khaki, beige, and dark brown. Rusty orange in the curtains and a gold-colored throw are the ideal layer for the chillier months ahead.

Aqua + Brown

    Warm and soothing doesn't have to be boring. Faux bois wallpaper adds visual texture while the dark brown upholstered headboard adds warmth to the room. An aqua coverlet and crisp white sheets keep the room on the fresh side of cozy. A symmetrical arrangement of furniture and accent pieces furthers the calming mood of the room.

Wheat + Warm Yellow

    Wearing a patina of age, this country-style bedroom captures the warmth of the prairie sun by splashing warm yellow underfoot and coating the walls the color of a field of wheat. A hand-carved bed provides the foundation accent for the room, but the look is on the lighter side with the help of soft shades of khaki, cream, and yellow. A woven basket and simple accents keep this room casually comfortable.

Vanilla + Goldenrod

    Paint and wood combine in this country kitchen to create an easy-to-live-in palette. Goldenrod walls give the kitchen warmth and charm. Cabinets are aged with vanilla paint in a glazed patina. Rosewood adds its warm color notes on the counter and backsplash. A simple paprika-colored shade draws the eye up to the window.

Citrus Zest

    Vibrant juicy colors can't help but wake up an otherwise bland room. And in this case, the zesty hues also work into the fall and winter months because of their muted shades. Inspired by the art above the mantel, this room's color palette pulls in warm yellows, garden greens, with light brown touches in the nesting tables and woven chair. Creamy white walls and ceiling make a restful backdrop for the palette that works all year round.

Russet + Clove + Pumpkin

    Spicy colors aren't just warm, they're downright appetizing! A dining room is the ideal place for a palette of russet, clove, and pumpkin. The rich, yet homey, hues start underfoot with a brilliantly patterned rug that adds softness and color to the center of the room. Dark brown corner cabinets flank windows that bathe the pumpkin walls in natural light.

Celadon + Mink

    Soft green paint works as a great neutral background, especially inside this open-plan condo where it helps define a conversation area. Rich brown upholstery unifies an assortment of bargain pieces and hand-me-down furnishings, striking a dramatic silhouette against the pale green walls. The neutral warmth of brown and green allows patterns and colors to mix freely. Colorful bursts of orange and magenta add vibrancy while old pieces revived with white lacquer lighten the mood.

Raspberry + Pear

    A warm palette of raspberry red and pear green links the separate seating areas in this bright, charming living room and gives the traditional furnishings a fresh, modern twist. Larger pieces, such as the sofa, coffee table, and rug, are pale neutrals to balance the bolder hues. Considering the bright mix of colors and patterns it's best to stick to solids and fabrics that feature one color on an ivory or white background.

Salmon + Rose

    The warm color palette in this enchanting bedroom begins with the walls. Paint in a deep, dusty taupe with whispers of rose creates a feeling of intimacy, while salmon-color silk taffeta draperies define the window and add sheen. A floral duvet on the bed blushes in shades of pink that are echoed in the painted lampshade.

Terra-Cotta + Peach

    A primarily monochromatic palette of terra-cotta and peach warms up this grand bedroom and makes the large space intimate and inviting. A curvaceous four-poster wood bed frame commands attention as does the folk-art blanket chest, which echoes the curves of the bed. Layers of solid bedding get its personality from the various shades of terra-cotta -- ranging from red-orange colors to softer shades of pumpkin. A small black accent pillow adds a sophisticated exclamation point to the color scheme as the artwork over the bed pulls all the hues together in one composition.

Daffodil + Crimson

    Midcentury modern furnishings can feel decidedly cozy with an infusion of warm colors. Vivid yellow blankets the walls while throws and pillows enliven a comfy brown sofa. Red is known as a color that promotes conversation, so the hits of it in this living room make it the ideal lively counterpoint with the neutral coffee table and sofa. Colorful patterned pillows mix with the book and art collection and give guests a hint into the homeowners' personality, making the room even more comfortable and inviting.

Purple + Gold

    In this dramatic dining room, deep purple walls and cabinetry contrast with gold upholstered chairs and rug, which help to lighten the look. The inviting color of purple has been long associated with royalty, which gives this room its glamorous effect.

Spice Colors

    Many decorating techniques can be used to alter the look and feel of a room, but not many transform a room as effectively as the use of color. Shades from the warm side of the color wheel (reds, oranges, and yellows) add a cozy atmosphere to any room. In this living room, spicy colors, such as orange, honey, and scarlet, make a large space feel intimate and inviting.

Gem-Like Color

    Rich jewel tones create an elegant look in this living room. Garnet, citrine, amethyst, and emerald are grounded with the warm wood tones in the furniture and the camel-colored leather chairs. If your furniture is solid-color, spice it up with pillows or throws in damasks, checks, or florals. If upholstery is patterned, add contrast with solid, deep-color pillows.

Sunshine + Ivory

    Color and paint create character in a small space, such as this charming bedroom. Sunny yellow walls are painted to mimic wide wooden boards, while yellow and ivory toile linens, a yellow chintz valance, golden sconces, and the bold contrast of an iron bed combine to produce a look that's simple yet sophisticated.

Biscuit + Beige

    A monochromatic look doesn't have to be boring. Decorated in various shades of cream and beige, this living room becomes interesting through the use of texture, shapely furnishings, and interesting decorative accents. Consider how light affects a room and the colors you use. This room is warmed by streaming sunlight that radiates against the golden draperies and flooring. Weathered metals, woven furniture, coral pieces, and pressed botanicals enhance the uncomplicated color scheme with tactile texture.

Red + Yellow

    The energy of a red and yellow combination keep white cabinetry in a large family kitchen from looking too plain. A red-stained island, painted chairs, and a cheerful checkerboard-pattern tile backsplash pull the accent color throughout the kitchen space to keep the look cohesive. Butter yellow beaded-board walls are a sunny contrast to the white cabinetry.

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