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Green Color Schemes

Whether celadon or Kelly, mint or forest, green is as varied as it is versatile. See how to incorporate green into your color schemes with inspiration from some of our favorite palettes.


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    • What Goes with Green

      The most popular color to represent the environment, green comes alive in a multitude of hues. Whether it's summer grass or deep-shade fern, the hue is fresh, lively, and always in style. Take a look at some of our favorite color schemes starring green.

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    • Build a Green Color Scheme

      Watch this video to see how to put together a no-fail green color scheme.

    • Analagous Color Scheme

      Emerald Green + Summer Sky

      Analogous colors, colors next to each other on the color wheel, are always a good choice when choosing a scheme. Here, jewel green is mixed with paler greens and combined with blues such as sky, cerulean, and sapphire. Graphic patterns are used in restraint to maintain the restful aura.

    • Country Garden Color Scheme

      Leaf + Poppy + Weathered Browns

      Color brings refinement to this rustic living room to create an overall look that's quaint yet classy. Light leafy green on the walls sets the precedent for the colors used on the fabrics. All of the room's green hues stick within the same color family to maintain an air of refinement. Also inspired by the garden, poppy red adds vibrant punch to the space, while wood tones draw the room back to its rustic origins.

    • Refreshing Color Scheme

      Mint Green + Summer Brights

      Working as a neutral, wintergreen walls and a pair of blue-green side chairs put the focus on the bright accent colors used throughout this living room. Slight variations and tonal differences of the blue-green color are evident in the rug and variety of fabrics, ensuring that they all work in harmony.

    • Cottage Color Scheme

      Celery + Olive + White

      Taking cues from Bungalow style, this kitchen features simple Shaker-style cabinetry and open shelving. In keeping with this genre’s dark palette including red, olive, and stained wood, this kitchen exhibits a fresh take on the deeper colors replacing darker green with light celery on the walls. Wood is painted white. In keeping with tradition, olive shows up on the kitchen island and bronze hardware is indicative of the 1920s style.

    • Bold Color Scheme

      Key Lime + South Beach Blue + White

      Almost neon, vibrant green walls liven up this dining room. The bold hue, complemented by strong turquoise is repeated in the fabric on upholstered shield back chairs. Large prints of coral play to the coastal vibe and repeat the electric blue. Framed in white mats, the artwork, though graphic, breaks the bright green walls and offers a quiet resting place for the eyes. Similarly, chair seats are covered in a quiet neutral to balance the striking fabric.

    • Spring Color Scheme

      Lichen + Yellow + Turquoise + Purple

      The earthy lichen hue on the walls and rug plays well with the yellows and blues in the floral print accent fabrics in this living room. Taking cues from a spring meadow, this room embraces the pretty prints and colors of nature. On the far wall, an Audubon-style print showcases a pair of birds. Hung above the sofa are photographs of Tulip Poplars in bloom.

    • Restful Color Scheme

      Seafoam Green + Rainy Day Blue

      The palest colors in the seascape artwork set the tone for this room’s soft look. Gray cloud blue covers a Chesterfield sofa. Underfoot, blue stripes make a quiet statement. Other pieces are mostly white save accent pillows in patterns of blue and green. For a complete turn of the tides, an animal print ottoman dominates the center of the room. Because the juxtaposition is a singular piece, it makes a big statement and adds a jolt of energy.

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      Posh Beach Color Scheme

      Fresh Shoots + Peony + White

      Channeling Palm Beach, this sophisticated dining nook takes on the preppy style of polished beach-goers. Like a summer shift dress, the furnishings are streamlined and simple. Hot pink pillows (one printed with illustrious Koi) and a painted impression of tropical flowers are grand standouts against the summer white dressing. Wallpaper in a woven motif adds to the vacation flavor and offers an intermediate scale to soften the room’s bold attributes.

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      Cool, Cozy Color Scheme

      Mint Green + Purple

      Cool undertones in these pale green walls pick up on the wintry hues in the icy metal bed and purple floral coverlet. Cozy country style -- including the quilt and casual furnishings -- warms up the chilly undertones with familial comforts.

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      Countryside Color Scheme

      Wellie Green + Black + Gold

      Wellington boot-green walls give this little seating area the impression of an English gentleman’s club. Plaid-shirt pattern on roman shades agrees with the conservative, masculine style. Black finishes on side chairs add greater depth to the serious space while glints of gold on upholstery suggest even more good breeding.

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      Rustic Color Scheme

      Artichoke + Weathered Wood

      Artichokes offer the perfect green to complement the rustic wood ceiling and kitchen island in this country house. Playing off the vegetable's colors and fibrous texture, this kitchen celebrates the more weathered side of Mother Nature in this barnlike atmosphere. Partnering with the rough-hewn theme, an expansive wall of windows looks out to the wooded view.

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      Rich Color Scheme

      Cedar + Slate + Copper

      Custom cabinetry painted floor-to-ceiling in glossy Frasier fir green displays an elegant woodsy feel. Leaded glass-paneled doors and almost-black slate sinks and countertops complement the blue undertones of this favorite evergreen. Gleaming copper pots shine like streams of sunlight through a thick canopy.

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      Complementary Color Scheme

      Pistachio + Wine Red

      Custom-painted cabinetry gives this kitchen a stamp of personality. The weathered pistachio green hue of the cabinets expertly coordinates with wine-red accents -- such as the window treatments and undersink skirt -- and brass hardware. The colors and finishes work together to give this brand-new kitchen vintage character.

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      Mountainside Color Scheme

      Teal Fog + Summer Shirt Stripes

      Taking its color cues from the foggy mountains in the distant island views, this cozy breakfast nook embraces the scenery with its smoky teal green walls. In keeping with the theme, the wooden chairs are Adirondack-inspired with their chunky wood slats. Striped fabric covers the table introducing carefree stripes in yellow, coral, teal green, and blue.

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      Seaside Color Scheme

      Melon + Sea Glass + White + Brown

      Coastal colors wash over this cottage bringing in gradients of turquoise, green, and melon. The cool sides of blue and green and compatible accents allow these adjacent rooms to work in harmony though they are painted different colors. The brown sofa fits well due to its green piping. The coffee table resembles cane fishing poles bound together. Galvanized hardware and the sliding barn door are distinctly coastal cottage in style.

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      Orchard Color Scheme

      Apple Green + Apple Red

      Decidedly retro modern, this kitchen embraces the produce section for its color choices. Apple green walls are a standout against white subway tile and streamlined cabinetry. Shiny apple red, green's complementary color, proves the perfect accent color for fresh, contemporary style.

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