Color Courage

Color paralysis is easy to understand -- so many choices can be intimidating. Here are three fearless vignettes that require nothing more than a little paint, a few yards of fabric, and a little pluck.
Analogous Warm

If you're itching to take the color plunge but can't quite muster the confidence, an analogous color scheme is a good choice. Analogous colors are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Even when working with intense hues, as in this eye-opening breakfast nook, an analogous scheme is a safe choice for achieving a harmonious palette.

The starting point for this room was the single yard of fabric used for the window shade -- but what a commanding yard it is! Because of its huge scale, the only other patterns are found on the table runner and rug.

The warm yellows and oranges are advancing colors that tend to bring surfaces closer. They are great choices for large spaces, or wherever a cozy setting is desired. The addition of white adds clarity and keeps the scheme from turning muddy.

Painted furniture is a terrific way to rev up the color quotient, especially in casual environments.

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