How To: Stencil a Metal Caddy

Download a honeycomb-inspired stencil template.
Stenciled metal tool caddy

Customize any surface with this honeycomb-inspired stencil! We chose to create a bright design on a metal organization caddy, but let your imagination run wild.


How to stencil a metal caddy

Stenciled metal tool caddy, stencil detail


Metal tool caddy

Rust-inhibiting primer

Latex paints: yellow, orange, blue

Stencil plastic

Stencil pattern

Crafts knife

Stencil adhesive spray

Foam pouncer

Fine-tip artist's brush

Spray finish sealer

1. Prime tote with rust-inhibiting primer. Paint yellow. Let dry. Trace pattern onto stencil plastic, then cut out using a crafts knife.

2. Secure stencil to tote using stencil adhesive, then use foam pouncer to stencil openings with orange paint. Remove stencil and let dry.

3. Use an artist's brush to paint a few areas blue. Let dry, then spray with finish sealer.

Stenciled metal tool caddy