Decorating in Green

Using green in decorating has endless possibilities. The color's infinite variations blend easily with every other hue.

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Nature's Hue
Nature's Hue

    Green, in almost every shade, is tied to nature and gives off a decidedly fresh vibe. In this living room, spring green mixes with sky blues and earthy browns to create a sophisticated, yet casual atmosphere. The nature-inspired look is carried through in motifs, the stylized botanical-print drapes, and items that bring the outdoors in, such as the ceramic garden stool and potted plants. A single shade of green is repeated throughout the space to create a sense of unity.

Balanced Palette

    In this bedroom, lime green is applied in small doses as a subtle yet impactful way to add panache to a brown and white design scheme. The citrus hue appears in the window treatments and chair upholstery to add personality to the white built-ins and is a colorful balance to the rich brown walls.

Earthy Jewel Tones

    An emerald jewel tone is on the saturated and vibrant end of the color spectrum. To achieve the same saturation of this rich hue, but with slight punch, opt for a shade with a hint of a brown or yellow. The tone on this sofa is reminiscent of a peridot, a yellowish-green gemstone, and a little distressing on the leather makes it less intense. Pair a shade such as this with a cool hue such as amethyst, and counter the saturated tones with a few neutrals.

Seaside Green

    Taking its cue from the ocean, the sea green shade in this kitchen creates a light and airy atmosphere. If you love a particular color but think it may be too intense to use in your decor, opt for a neutral-hinted version. While sea greens are often more vibrant, the shade used on the island is toned down with a bit of gray. The same shade is variegated with clouds of white on the backsplash tile for an effervescent look.

Fruit Bowl Inspiration

    Take a look at your fruit bowl or a trip down the produce aisle for color inspiration. The green in this palette takes its cue from shiny Granny Smith apples, and the shades of orange are reminiscent of tangerines. Use doses of crisp white to balance the juicy hues.

Wake Up White

    A vintage white bathroom gets an update with apple-green walls. Green is paired with pink and brown on the chic shower curtain. A crystal chandelier complements the vintage theme. To add interest to the white tiles, accent tiles in shades of green were used around the top border.

Room with a View

    Families spend more and more time socializing in the kitchen, so decorate your kitchen table area with the same level of comfort you do your family room. In this spacious kitchen, a cozy banquette and upholstered chairs take advantage of a wide expanse of windows for light and color inspiration. Green moves from the backyard to the chairs and pillows in the seating area and into the kitchen beyond. Natural wood surfaces help to blend indoors and out.

Fabric Fusion

    A bright palette of raspberry red and pear green links this reading area with the adjacent living room and gives the traditional furnishings a fresh, modern twist. The raspberry floral curtains, which are stationary to subtly define the reading nook, are lined with green striped fabric for a different look from the seating area side. Unfussy prints and a few solid fabrics allow lots of color layers without becoming too busy.

Collective Color

    One-of-a-kind pieces imbue a home with warmth and character, so let your collections and favorite finds guide your color palette and bring a sense of order to eclectic vintage treasures. In this serene dining room, old metal ice cream chairs contribute a minty green to the neutral palette. Underfoot, a striped rug adds additional shades of green for depth. The old desk and table share a fresh finish of white paint, while the taupe walls put the focus on the furnishings.

Treat Your Walls

    Add character to flat walls with color, texture, and pattern. In this formerly unadorned bedroom, beaded board is installed at an angle for dynamic pattern and depth. Moldings applied in a grid create depth. Apple-green paint unifies the entire attention-getting treatment. The focus wall puts the bed at center stage, where textiles in primary colors create a playful yet chic mood.

Fresh Face

    A spring green can brighten even the darkest of winter days. Fresh, leafy green walls and window treatments envelop this tranquil sitting area. A dramatic display of pink flowers brings in more spring freshness. Neutral splashes of white, tan, and black add crispness while allowing the green to shine.

A New Outlook

    Creative use of color and pattern can give an old piece of furniture a new look and function. Originally black, this sideboard was treated to fresh green paint, patterned wallpaper, and glass hardware to give it a whole new personality. An expanded work space is made of medium-density fiberboard and add-on table legs. Stencils add pattern to the wall behind the workstation and wrap the room in springtime color.

Grounded Green

    In an airy white dining room, green carpet tiles ground the space. The rug?s mustard-green shade is borrowed from the adjoining kitchen, uniting the two spaces. More splashes of green are added with table linens and pottery. Dark wood furniture balances the bright white elements.

Live Large

    Make a small room feel big by using lively color and maximizing every square inch. Instead of white walls, choose a muted hue such as this celedon green that will make the room feel colorful, not cramped. Pick neutral colors for expensive furnishings, and reserve bold colors for easy-to-replace accents such as these storage ottomans, baskets, and pillows. Open shelving allows you to take color vertically, adding storage options and enlivening the walls.

Historic Connection

    Moss-green Shaker-style cabinetry creates a vintage aesthetic in this restored old-house kitchen. A rich glaze over the green paint adds to the patina. A porcelain farmhouse sink and beaded-board backsplash in crisp white also honor the vintage vibe and provide crisp contrast to the green trim and cabinets and the black countertop.

Simply Sophisticated

    Furniture pieces with graceful curves and lines set a sophisticated tone. Kelly green linen curtains enhance the refined room. White pillows with green patterns dress it up and add flair.

Reinvented Charm

    Who says bold color doesn?t have a place in cottage style? This charming room proves that vivid color creates a homey feel wrapped in coziness. The walls' green hue, inspired by the lamp base, is countered by the wide swath of white wainscoting below. Breezy window coverings bordered in green buffalo plaid and white-painted open-frame furniture keep the small room light and bright.

Collectible Green

    Vintage dishware in icy blue, watery aqua, and shades of green inspired the colors for this kitchen. Green walls and bar stools pair up with white cabinets to make a perfect backdrop for this collection. The soothing color palate is inviting to guests and calming for the cook.

Sage Advice

    Stained-wood or neutral-painted furniture fits easily into a room painted with a contrasting color. The sage green walls in this dining area balance the orange hues in the wood. The natural shade of green also complements the traditional country feel of the furniture and the room.

A Little Goes a Long Way

    Sometimes color takes a backseat to other features. In this space, a mixture of accessories creates the atmosphere. But hints of green tie the area together. Green appears as nature intended in a collection of plants. A table lamp serves as another green accent.

Alike but Different

    Pairing a chair and a desk in two different shades creates contrast. But keeping the colors within the green family is unifying. Touches of blue and yellow complete the whimsically country office area.

Change It Up

    Neutrals are a safe bet in the kitchen, but a touch of color adds personality. A wall hutch painted an energetic mint green displays vintage pottery and dishes. A quick paint job on the hutch can change the color palette of the kitchen. Matching is not a problem, because neutral cabinets and flooring can pair with almost any color.

Natural Wonder

    Nothing complements natural wood surfaces like green. Pairing the two in this small bathroom creates the aura of a leafy forest. Fern-green walls set off the rich grain of the door moldings and the workbench repurposed into two separate vanities. Wooden crates enrich the space with ample storage for towels.

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