Decorating with Harvest Colors

When decorating your home, get inspired by the red, orange, and gold hues of autumn harvest.

By Catie Bielecki

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brown room with green table cloth and orange blanket
Mountain Style

    Caramel colored walls are a neutral, yet warm backdrop in this dressy-meets-cabin dining room. The casual linens and mix-and-match furniture contrast with the chandelier and pretty pottery to create a room that is eclectic and one-of-a-kind.

    Pittsburgh Paints; Helios (Desert Spice) 225-7, 314-6, 315-3, 513-2, 220-6;


    The merlot-colored paint in this room is balanced by a calm cream shade on the bottom portion of the walls. Autumnal fabric covers the furniture; sleek black and chrome chairs add a modern touch.

    Sherwin-Williams; Stolen Kiss/SW7586;

Monochromatic Look

    This open-to-the-outdoors room is bathed in dusty red from floor to ceiling. The dining table sits atop a gray rug and the room's decorations, mostly fresh flowers and fruit, are straight from nature.

    Sherwin-Williams; Sierra Redwood/SW7598;

Contemporary Safari

    Nature meets modern in this distinctive room. The reddish-brown wall color is rich and earthy, and the white animal statue is a unique touch. The leather chair, zebra-print rug, and log end table add a few more natural touches.

    Benjamin Moore; Mayflower Red/HC-49;

Elegant Study

    Orange, gray, and cream make a sophisticated color palette. Bathe your walls in a pumpkin-colored paint and then use neutrals to calm the look. Silver and glass accents add just the right amount of sparkle.

    Dutch Boy; Amber Stone B5-3, Timbermine F14-2;

Keep It Traditional

    Pale gold paint is the perfect choice in this traditional living room. Striped drapes, dark upholstered furniture, and burgundy accents continue the time-honored look. A natural fiber rug is cozy and neutral over hardwood floors.

    Dutch Boy; Potato Skin/B11-2;

Color Your Cabinets

    Be creative when adding a splash of color to your kitchen. Instead of painting the walls a bold hue, consider choosing a neutral tan and then adding bright red paint to the cabinets. Combined with vintage artwork, sleek counters, and stainless steel appliances, the finished look is surprising and fresh.

    Dutch Boy; Victory Red/A3-1, Basketweave C14-3;

Country Charm

    This orange wall color evokes the warmth of autumn. Casual country touches -- the rustic bench, cozy blanket, and natural artwork -- add comfort to the space. The white trim, door, and ceiling really pop against the saturated wall color.

    Dutch Boy; Court Jester/B21-1, Sandy Hook Bay/C18-4;

Horizontal Stripes

    Two hues of orange painted in stripes add visual interest to this dining room's walls. The furniture and floor are simple, but a distinctive centerpiece introduces another bright color to the room.

    Sherwin-Williams; Copper Pot/SW7709;

Sophisticated Living

    This red-walled room is classy and chic. The white armless chairs have clean, modern lines and the studded leather ottoman gives a warm touch. The zebra-print rug is fun and surprising, and the huge windows let in lots of natural light.

    Benjamin Moore; Moroccan Spice/AF-285;

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