Decorating in Blue

The color blue can be bold and bright or soft and soothing. Get inspired by these looks starring blue and find your favorite shade.

Erin Smith

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Four poster bed
Orange and Blue

    A dark four-poster is highlighted by orange bed linens and subtle blue walls in this elegant yet modern bedroom. Blue and orange are opposite each other on the color wheel, which makes them complementary colors. Since they are opposites, the pair creates a dynamic color scheme infused with vibrance, even when the shades are lighter, as they are in this bedroom.

Rise and Shine

    Waking up is easy with cheery periwinkle to greet you. Periwinkle is blue with a twinge of purple, which creates a unique variation on the classic blue hue. Combine periwinkle with a warm tone or two -- such as pink, yellow, or both -- to prevent the color from looking cold.

Colorful Combination

    The blue walls and rug provide a backdrop for the bright colors, patterns, and textures in this living area. The blue anchors the room, providing opportunity to incorporate an eclectic grouping of furnishings, accessories, and textiles.

Sky's the Limit

    Bold patterns contrast against a relaxing shade of blue to give this room dimension without being overwhelming. A combination of cloud whites and sky blues creates an airy atmosphere.

Spa Style

    In this spa-like bathroom, blue tile and a modern blue glass sink allow for a serene start to the day. Pairing blue with crisp white in a bath gives the space a clean finish. The color combination can lean cottage, as with the addition of the vintage-inspired beaded-board vanity; with sleek surfaces and fixtures, it can take on a contemporary vibe.

Perfect Combination

    To maintain a light and airy look, use blue as an accent in a space filled with neutral hues. In this white and sandy yellow bedroom, a country French blue infuses the space with subtle personality. While the combination could easily lean antique cottage, the color palette is kept up-to-date with contemporary florals and geometric motifs.

Modern Meets Traditional

    Blue is a classic color with staying power. Shake it up a bit by combining modern and traditional applications. The dramatic blue wallpaper in this hallway brings bold color to a traditional damask pattern. A contemporary striped rug balances the classic mirror and accessories, plus brings another shade of blue to the entryway.

Fun Blue

    Pair subtle shades with pops of stronger color for a look that's fun but not overpowering. Here, a light blue wall is the backdrop for more vibrant hues of blue, which are carried throughout this cheerful crafts room in bold geometric patterns. From the area rug to the storage baskets, all the elements work together to create a coordinated, yet playful look.

Mixing Blue and Green

    Aquamarine, an oceanic blend of blue and green, pops against warm wood floors and stark stainless-steel appliances. The colors in this kitchen bring out the natural textures in the materials, which work together to make the room a cozy place to wake up with a cup of coffee.

Family-Friendly Palette

    Adding color to a room doesn't have to involve paint. This navy blue couch creates a cozy backdrop for fun patterns, textures, and bold pops of red. The couch does what a good pair of jeans does for an outfit: creates a casual, yet composed look, which in this room yields a space that's perfect for family time.

Blue Oasis

    A bright blue wall is the perfect complement to funky furniture marked by geometric shapes and unique designs. The rest of the room is kept simple with a white bedspread and a white door frame, which leads into a modern white bathroom.

Happy Hues

    Marry bright blue and chartreuse to create a whimsical space. In this bedroom, throw pillows and bedding introduce the color scheme via pattern, while bold blocks of color, such as the draperies and green-painted chandelier, act as the stylish anecdote for balancing the bevy of patterns.

Blue Faux Bois

    Accent colors and patterns can add dimension to a basic palette. Here, blue faux bois wallpaper, a modern leaf motif on the bedspread, and pops of yellow bring a fresh face and a trendy twist to a classic blue-and-white color palette.

Blue Stripes

    White and blue stripes give this guest room a nautical feel, while large leather headboards add texture to break up the wall. The wavy patterns on the throw pillows also provide dimension and contrast against the bold stripes.

Kitchen Blues

    Add color through accessories and accents to amp up any room. In this classic white kitchen, blue china and a decorative backsplash above the range introduce color to the elegant space.

Pastel Blue

    Although singular in hue, a monochromatic color palette can have multiple dimensions. Using just one color in a room creates a sleek, sophisticated look, but ensuring a space includes a few variations on the featured hue boosts character. In this cool blue living room, vivid shades of sky blue pop against blue-based neutrals.

Warm and Cool

    Light blue accents cool the warm tones of the flooring and wood trim in this entry space. An ultra-mod white table is paired with a curvy chair to balance the look.

Old Meets New

    A vivid shade of blue paint gives fresh life to vintage accessories. Old meets new in a space shared by a computer and antique pots. Black and white help to balance the look.

Fresh and Modern

    Bold blue walls work well in a modern space when combined with plenty of black and white. White paint highlights the crown molding details and the large windows.

Clean and Classy

    Light blue, brown, and beige create a sophisticated palette. In this living room, the white trim and ceiling, combined with light wood floors, keep it feeling airy.

Ocean Inspiration

    The light aqua color in this picture and pottery pops against the neutral frame, plain walls, and wood accents. Easily changeable artwork is a smart choice for homeowners who are wary of color commitment.

Yellow and Blue

    Blue, white, and sunny yellow is a crisp combination. Here, several shades of light and dark blue appear in the striped and floral bedding.

Cheerful Backsplash

    Tiles featuring blue, lemon yellow, emerald green, and black coordinate nicely with lots of bright white cabinetry.

Navy and White

    An easy color scheme is one solid shade plus white. Here, navy blue walls provide high contrast to white furnishings and trim. Plain white bedding is kept to a minimum and could easily be changed to incorporate other hues.

Serene and Stylish

    Muted blue, pale green, and neutrals blend to create a harmonious background for poppy orange pillows and frilly pink draperies.

Bohemian Chic

    Mixing cool blue with aqua, orange, and rattan accents creates an eclectic room. Floor cushions and low furniture make seating fun and casual.

Complementary Colors

    A plain cabinet gets a new spark of life when painted this azure hue. A patterned background is a unique touch, especially when it incorporates the wall color -- in this case a muted terra-cotta. Because orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, they complement each other beautifully.

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