Paint Colors

Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform your home. Available in almost limitless colors, paint is a must-have decorating tool. Whether you are painting your walls, furniture, kitchen cabinets, or accessories, choosing the right color is the first step in any project. How you choose room paint colors from space to space will vary, and will depend on the mood you want to set. Learn how to discern the best paint colors for every room by learning our room-by-room tips, from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Get inspired by our ideas in every hue -- yellow, blue, red, purple, and more -- ranging in shade from the lightest white to the darkest tones. Learn how to match paint colors to fabric, furniture, and other decor elements to create a perfectly designed room, and learn how light affects paint color and how paint can make a room feel larger. Plus, discover the secrets to a perfect paint job with our painting and project tips -- including tool guides, in-depth how-tos, and plenty of paint advice. If you're looking for a starting point for picking paint colors, explore color with My Color Finder. This fun tool lets you try out paint colors in a room before you even pick up a paintbrush.


More Color Inspiration For You
FREE: Paint Color Finder

Try out colors before you paint and find the perfect shade.

Exclusive Color Personality Quiz

Find the paint colors that suit you best by taking our fun quiz.

Before You Choose a Color...

Read this and ask yourself these ten vital questions.

Get Your Color Match

Find the paint color that matches the mood you want in your room.

Everything in Paint Colors
Wall Paint Colors
Room Paint Colors
  • Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors

    Pick kitchen paint colors like a pro with our tips and tricks that help demystify the color selection process.

  • Choosing Dining Room Colors

    Whether you have a formal dining room for entertaining or a casual eating area for family meals, the right color sc...

  • Ideas for Living Room Colors

    Learn how to choose living room paint colors like a pro. The trick is to evaluate your space, create cohesiveness,...

  • Bathroom Paint Colors

    Stumped on bathroom paint colors? Ask yourself these four questions and you'll find the perfect shade for your spac...

  • Paint Colors for Bedrooms

    Create the bedroom of your dreams with the right color scheme. Learn how to choose bedroom colors to set the tone y...

Decorating By Color
Color Videos
  • The Color Wheel

    Learn how to use the color wheel to put together perfect color schemes.

  • Decorating in Blue

    Blue, ranging from shade of sky to indigo, can impart a variety of looks in your rooms. See how to use blue in your...

  • Decorating in Green

    Bring a fresh look to your home with green. Put together a color scheme starring green with these tricks and ideas.

  • Decorating in Yellow

    Introduce a sunny look to your home with yellow. Learn how to put together a fabulous color scheme that stars yello...

  • Decorating in Cool Colors

    Ranging from green to blue, cool colors can convey serenity and sophistication. See how to use a palette of cool co...

  • Decorating in Bright Colors

    Bring a room to life with bright colors. See how to apply a bright color palette to a room for stunning, not shocki...

Exterior Paint Colors
  • Best Exterior Color Schemes

    Give your home a fresh facade with color. Learn the tricks to picking the perfect exterior colors and how to maximi...

  • Exterior Color Cues

    Look to the environment around your home for clues to choosing colors that will suit your home's exterior.

  • House Paint Colors

    Watch and learn how to choose house paint colors.


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