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White Home Office Done Right

Rising from the dust bunnies of a neglected basement workout room, this home office is clean and bright after a white makeover.


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    • White Hot

      This DIY table fits everyone's needs, from its adjustable height -- short for kid art projects, high and tilted for the parents -- to its surface -- a laminate countertop that looks like stainless steel. The carpet panels collectively make up the rug and can each be changed out in case of spills or to update the room's color scheme.

    • White On White

      Open white shelving for the long walls blends in while creating places to store and organize things. Here, floating wall shelves and two units turned on their sides and attached to the wall with studs were used. Their staggered placement provides plenty of display space.

    • Monogram Marvels

      Cut monograms from bright contact paper play off of the type theme carried throughout the room. If you don't want to place the letters directly on your wall, frame and hang them instead.

    • Rolling Carts

      Two file cabinets on casters organize paperwork and supplies. The wheels free the cabinets up to move around easily for a quick-change room reorganization.

    • Best Seat in the House

      To create a window seat without the expense of built-ins, just top a bench with a cushion covered in upholstery-grade fabric. The curtain and cushion fabrics reappear in pillows embellished with iron-on transfers.

    • Show Off

      A floating shelf under the artwork gives an extra place to display items and doubles as a cove for the dogs to hang out. To keep your kids' work on display, frame the artwork and then switch it out with new work as they continue to grow and improve.

    • Just My Type

      For wall art, this room plays off of typography. To give it an organic feel, a mix of framed type-theme media from old book jackets to fabric and graphic posters are used.

    • Dog Treat

      Dress up the corner with a dog bed and toy to keep your pup distracted when you're busy working. The bright, fun fabrics are upholstery-grade, heavy, and washable. The laminate flooring has an uneven pattern that hides dog fur and kid messes really well.

    • Hanging Out

      A repurposed and painted entertainment center serves as storage for supplies, complete with perky curtain panels suspended from tension rods to hide clutter.

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      Mail Call

      Outdoor mailboxes make clever supply caddies -- the lid hides the clutter and magnetic labels easily stick to the metal.

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