DIY Moss Wreath

Pretty moss, eucalyptus stems, and faux pears and red leaves combine for a stunning holiday wreath that you can leave out fall through Christmas. Bonus: This wreath is just as pretty laid down as a table centerpiece. See how!

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Innovation Home Tour

Home innovation should solve real-life problems and make life better, focusing on the people, not simply the systems, inside. To demonstrate, we decided to build, furnish, and tech out our ideal house: the BHG Innovation Home. Check out these useful and accessible products and ideas.

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Best Places for Organization Products

Getting organized is a breeze when your supplies are smart and stylish. Here are 10 of our go-to sources for great storage gear.

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DIY It, Don't Buy It!

Fake it 'til you make it! High-end decor doesn't have to come with a designer price tag. We found 14 DIY decor projects ranging from furniture to lighting that look just as good as the store-bought versions that inspired them -- and cost less!

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Latest Kitchen Makeover

See how a basic kitchen received a fresh face on an affordable remodeling budget.

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Room Arranging Made Easy

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Black and White Update

Put black and white against any color for a look that's fresh and sophisticated.


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    • A Modern Experiment

      Citrus green paired with black and white creates an energetic, modern environment, even when used with eclectic furnishings. Try hanging black-and-white papers in exciting patterns on a narrow magnetic board or bulletin board for an inexpensive and unstudied work of art.

    • Paint by Fire

      Be ready for gasps of delight when people see this black-and-white-painted fireplace that practically jumps off the milky blue wall. Subdue it by artfully arranging simple gray-tone knickknacks on the mantel, then enjoy the reactions.

    • Bold and Beautiful

      Black trim adds sophistication to the playful blue beaded board walls in this entryway, but a graphic paint treatment on the door keeps it bold and fun. A neutral rug ties the look together without overwhelming the space.

    • Dramatic Division

      Lengths of a peacock-and-leaf print fabric serve as a dramatic room divider between the entryway and living space. Pictures and artwork framed and matted in different combinations of black and white save the color scheme from monotony.

    • Four-Color Wonder

      This eclectic mix of patterns playfully walks the line between gothic elegance and sophisticated whimsy. Pink and blue are unexpected pairings with the black and white, but the fresh hues work by softening the look of the bold color scheme.

    • Decorate Across Time

      Modern art and an upholstered chair are both potential room-monopolizers, dominating the style of the space despite their small size. Make them both more livable by pairing the two and upholstering the chair in a lighthearted floral.

    • Muted and Marvelous

      When pairing black and white with a beige wall, gravitate toward creamy whites. The simple lines of this classically upholstered armchair complement the minimalist artwork while the rosy-toned throw grounds the eye with a place to rest.

    • On Display

      You can add more black and white to your decor by displaying black-and-white dishes and accessories in a painted hutch. Not only will the arrangement add punch to your kitchen or dining room, the pieces will be right at hand when you need a serving dish during a party.

    • At Your Service

      Black and white makes an utterly graphic statement, so feel free to experiment with different pattern combinations. Punctuate the look with a few colored linens, like the pink napkins shown here.

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      Gray Color Schemes

      Gray is much more than a combination of black and white -- it offers a wide array of possibilities. See various shades of gray play out in these amazing color schemes, and get the scoop on how to use gray in your decor.
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