Neutral Paint Colors

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    Warm Gray Paint Colors

    Yes, there is such a thing as a warm gray, so don't dismiss this hot neutral as too cold. It's been called the
    new brown and the new black, but New York City designer Jenny Wolf considers gray the new white. "It's a nice alternative to white," she says. "It's neutral. It's timeless."

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    Pearl Whites

    White isn't just white. This neutral comes in almost as many varities as its colorful counterparts, and it can be just as interesting and even refreshing. "Painting a room white is like giving it a big, tall glass of water. It's an instant cleansing of the palette," says designer Elaine Griffin.

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    Always consider the room when you choose a white paint color. If your room is flooded with natural light, go with a darker white or ivory. If sunlight is lacking in a space, choose a brighter, lighter white.

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    Contrast is Key

    Even if you want a white-on-white room -- with white trim and millwork -- contrast is still a must. Paint the trim and millwork a brighter white than the wall color, Elaine says.

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    Stay away from super whites. “Always look for something with a little gray or cream in it,” Elaine says. "You’d be surprised how much color you can add to pure white and still have it read as white on the wall."

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