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Personalize a Pillow

Put your personalized stamp on a plain pillow with this easy monogramming technique starring paint.

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Give your home unbeatable character in just one weekend. These home projects offer quick, impactful solutions to fill your indoor and outdoor spaces with style and function. Whether you seek easy landscaping plans, curb appeal projects, or budget decorating ideas, these hand-picked updates are designed to bring out your inner weekend warrior.

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Top Flea Markets

Put on your walking shoes and stop in at America's premier marketplaces -- you'll find country primitives, midcentury modern furniture, vintage fashions, upcycled treasures, and more. Here are a few insider tips for wending your way through each market.

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Deck Decorating & Styling Tricks

Make your deck as comfortable and stylish as an indoor living room. These tricks show you how.

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Add Flash to Your Rooms with Fiery Red

Embrace the drama and spark of red for a color scheme that communicates energy and confidence even in the smallest doses.


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    • Gregarious Raspberry Red

      Color and texture give this bedroom luxurious and dramatic appeal. Graphically patterned ikat and linen and tone-on-tone matelasse bathe the room in rich raspberry. While repetitive and staccato elements, such as the nailhead trim on the nightstand and ottoman, provide energy and continuity, the sensual red envelops the space with the cocooning warmth of an embrace.

      Your color personality: Sensual and stimulating

    • Soft Blush Pink

      Mixed with a little turquoise here and a touch of glamour there, this charming pastel dining room is anything but bashful. The playful mix of patterns and accent pieces tempers the sweetness of the pink, creating a room that is part cottage, part modern, cohesive yet eclectic.

      Your color personality: Refined and ambitious

    • Zesty Carmine Red

      English country style doesn't have to mean conservative tweeds and hunting prints. The energy of deep red keeps this large family kitchen from feeling too staid. Vivacious red covers the tall cabinet and serves as a bold background for the dishes on display.

      Your color personality: Energetic and powerful

    • Lively Scarlet Red

      Red adds weight and magnitude to a room instantly. It creates a special heat that is ideal for this cozy family room. The scarlet tones balance with dashes of cool blue and contrast with fresh white to keep the fiery color from overwhelming the space.

      Your color personality: Extroverted and ardent

    • Glamorous Crimson Red

      Color and pattern give this dining room a generous portion of exotic flavor. The Chinese Chippendale dining set provides the design direction for the room. Daring, glamorous floral wallpaper makes a powerful statement in bright red, pink, and gold. The bold colors balance the starkness of the towering white-and-black draperies and chairs.

      Your color personality: Dynamic and warm

    • Appetizing Cherry Red

      Stimulating red is a perfect choice for a welcoming kitchen. Firecracker red on the walls is augmented by red painted shades on the light fixtures and red patterned Roman shades at the windows. Warm natural wood tones in the countertops and flooring add a rustic, easygoing touch to the otherwise energetic color scheme.

      Your color personality: Lively and passionate

    • Enchanting Salmon Pink

      The color palette for this charming living space starts with the walls. Paint in a deep, dusty taupe with whispers of rose instills a feeling of warmth and intimacy, while drapery panels in salmon pink saturate the windows. Jazzy coral fabrics drench the upholstered furnishings, adding zing to the enchanting room.

      Your color personality: Gentle and romantic

    • Dramatic Tartan Red

      Natural light, rich color, and flirty fabrics create a warm, dramatic setting in this large bath. The generous space gets a powerful pop of color with deep red walls. The hue also appears in a lush patterned rug and an ottoman.

      Your color personality: Dramatic and animated

    • Vivid Ruby Red

      Adding or subtracting colorful accents can change the mood of a room in an instant. Red's timeless ability to attract attention and signify importance can be seen in this formerly all-white room. A graphic red-and-white patterned rug puts some sizzle underfoot while red artwork further revs up the energy level. White accent pillows with a cutout design let red fabric play peekaboo, and striped red-and-white drapery panels add cottage charm.

      Your color personality: Fun and intense

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      Deep Flamingo Pink

      In this cottage kitchen, walls and cabinetry are painted in a playful and vibrant rosy pink like the inside of a seashell. The nothing-fancy white-painted wood countertops and island create a crisp contrast to the bold color. A collection of charming china flamingos adds a touch of whimsy to the kitchen shelves.

      Your color personality: Optimistic and flirtatious

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