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Refresh your home with color. Discover how using color -- from neutrals to the brightest hues -- can transform your decor, whether you are redoing an entire room or simply updating your accessories or wall color. Our photos of rooms and helpful tips will help you use color like a pro. Try our do-it-yourself projects, which will bring both color and personality to your home. Learn how to put together the perfect color scheme using inspiration from our favorite rooms and homes and tips from interior designers and color experts. Get our best tips for incorporating your favorite colors into your decor for a home that is truly a reflection of your personality and tastes. You'll be amazed by what color can do for every room in your home, including your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and more. If you're looking for a starting point, take our color personality quiz. Answer a few questions about your taste, style, and preferences, and you'll get a customized color palette, complete with tips and paint-color recommendations that will work best for you.

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Learn how these handy color tools can help you pick the perfect color scheme.

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