Selecting Flooring Color

Start from the floor and work your way up to develop a new color scheme.

The Designer's Lesson

COL SOL 2002 Tan Bedroom With Decorative Plates Over Bed With neutral bedding and furniture
the carpet can appear more neutral

Like the ceiling, the floor is one-sixth of a room's surface area, so the floor covering has a major impact on the color personality of the space. It can help create an air of comfort and luxury -- or it can make you want to climb the walls.

If you move into a house with carpet in place and it's not a color or texture you like, what are your options?

Carpet laid over hardwood floors that are in good condition is easy to pull up with a crowbar and the help of a few friends. But if the carpet was installed over subflooring and your budget doesn't allow for replacing it right away, you have a couple of choices for downplaying its impact.

Use the carpet as a starting point for developing a new color scheme more to your liking. Fabric is your friend here. A multicolor print or floral that includes the carpet color as an accent will establish a new color theme for the room while incorporating the carpet. Or layer a large area rug or several smaller rugs over the carpet. Sometimes, however, replacement is really the only happy solution.

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